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About Uganda

Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa,” is one of the most beautiful countries on the continent. Its tremendous diversity of wildlife is owed to its unique geographic location at the junction of the East African savannahs, the West African rainforests and the semiarid Sahelian zone of North Africa. Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking are the country’s major attractions, along with the friendliness of its people. Lion, leopard and elephant inhabit the savannahs, whereas the wetlands are home to large numbers of hippo and crocodile. Moreover, over 1000 species of bird reside in the country – an incredible figure. December to February are the driest months in Uganda, along with June and July. 

Murchison Falls is named after the famous falls where the Victoria Nile rushes with tremendous force through a narrow, gorge to crash onto the rocks 150 feet below. Kibale Forest National Park, consisting of lowland tropical rain forest, tropical deciduous forest, marshes, grasslands and crater lakes, is arguably the best place in Africa for chimpanzee trekking. Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s primary destination for viewing big game, including tree-climbing lions. Additionally, marvelous photographic opportunities present themselves while boating on the Kazinga Channel.

More than 300 mountain gorillas are known to inhabit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Stunningly tall trees and ferns, along with creepers and vines carpet its forest floor. Even though the pace of a trek is slow, you must be in good condition to keep up; the search may take you to altitudes of 3,800 to over 6,500 feet.


Best Time To Go

Visit our in depth information page on the best times to go based on game viewing, with ratings on each park and preserve, as well as which wildilfe is best seen where, the activities and the average monthly temperatures that are optimum for each country.

* Great Serengeti Migration
Excellent Good Fair Poor Closed


Queen Elizabeth

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It's all about our clients, always has been!

We were pleasantly surprised at how much wildlife we saw along the banks of the channel while relaxing with our beer and wine on the boat.

We are back home from our adventure in Africa.  The trip was everything we expected and more!  Of course for me (Bev), the ultimate highlight of the trip was the gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda. I loved everything connected to the...

Bev Erickson & Jim Moen

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There is just nothing in the world like it. 

Next was Ol Donyo.  The lodge is beyond gorgeous.  Tasteful.  Natural.  Set into the landscape perfectly.  GORGEOUS…Going down to the hide was lots of fun.  So many animals in such close proximity.  The food was incredible.  Two...

Helen Reinhardt

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Uganda was absolutely unbelievably wonderful, exciting, awesome.

Uganda was absolutely unbelievably wonderful, exciting, awesome. We had a short drive (45 minutes), a short trek (no more than 45 minutes) and an hour surrounded by the H Group of 18 members walking around us. We saw all 18! The silverback...

Jeff Skinner

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