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About Egypt

Egypt is the gift of the Nile, a river that created a narrow fertile strip of land 600 miles long in an unforgiving desert. From the Nile’s banks, ancient Egypt, and its colossal achievements, arose. From the Great Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings, and numerous temples dedicated to the ancient Egyptian’s gods and goddesses, this a country of undiminished monumentality. 

Cairo is the gateway to the country’s historic treasures. The Great Pyramids, as well as the Sphinx and Sakkara pyramid complex, are located across the Nile in Giza. Both Cairo and Giza have world-class museums. Heading upriver, the temples of Luxor and Karnak dominate the skyline of Luxor. On the city’s West Bank lies some of the New Kingdom’s most renowned sites, including the Valley of Kings. Further downriver at the Nile’s First Cataract is the city of Aswan, a center of Nubian culture. It’s the location of the Philae Temple Complex, as well as the gateway to the temples and tombs further south (including Abu Simbel).

The best way to travel between these two cities of Upper Egypt is aboard a Nile Cruise. Several vessels are comparable in their luxuriousness and intimacy as safari camps and lodges. As well as travelling in comfort, a cruise allows guests to visit additional temple sites in between Luxor and Aswan.


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Visit our in depth information page on the best times to go based on game viewing, with ratings on each park and preserve, as well as which wildilfe is best seen where, the activities and the average monthly temperatures that are optimum for each country.

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Cairo / Luxor / Aswan

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