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The main allure of Africa is that anyone can find an adventure there. The level of adventure and contact with nature is controlled by the traveler. Adventurers who want to capture life in a back-to-nature setting are always richly rewarded. 

Many are drawn by the unique, pristine wilderness in which wildlife still abounds in an unspoiled and exciting environment. Safari-goers can choose to view large and spectacular wildlife in comfortable natural surroundings, unique to this fascinating continent.

Africa is also home to the world’s largest animal migration – the Great Serengeti Migration – a movement of over 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra.

Africa boasts such a tremendous variety of attractions; one of the world’s largest waterfalls (Victoria Falls), the world’s largest inland delta (Okavango Delta), the world’s largest caldera (Ngorongoro Crater) and the world’s highest mountain that is not part of a range( Mt. Kilimanjaro).

Going on a photographic African safari is a donation, in itself, toward conserving African wildlife and habitats. A safari can be the most enjoyable and rewarding environmental contribution you will ever make.

Travel in Africa is an exciting and educational experience. Venturing to Africa will be your introduction to the success of conservation by local communities.

Some seek contact with vast, open spaces and traditional African cultures, which can have a meaningful effect on the human spirit – stirring and stimulating the senses, relaxing and revitalizing the mind.

A safari to Africa is like no other trip on earth. Most who have ventured to Africa rate it as the best travel experience of their lives.