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About Republic of the Congo

The Republic of the Congo is a sparsely populated country in Central Africa. Seemingly endless pristine tropical forest and fingers of moist savannah covers its interior. Tourism to the Congo is at a fledgling stage, thereby creating an aura of exploration when journeying here. The northern part of the country is the heart of the Congo Basin, the world’s second largest expanse of tropical rainforest. Along with great forest biodiversity, it holds by far the majority of the world’s population of western lowland gorillas.

Yet, the Congo wildlife experience is about more than just trekking for western lowland gorilla. Several national parks and reserves, most notably Odzala-Kokoua, provide shelter for a huge variety of lowland rainforest mammals with dozens of primate and duiker species, as well as large forest mega fauna such as forest elephant, forest buffalo,  lowland bongo, leopard and spotted hyena. Unlike most safari areas elsewhere in Africa, game drives are not a primary activity. Instead, the focus is on walking, boating and kayaking.

Brazaville, the country’s capital, is the best way to access the Congo’s wildlife areas. Lying on the western banks of the Congo River, the city’s architecture and wide boulevards reflect its French colonial heritage.  


Best Time To Go

Visit our in depth information page on the best times to go based on game viewing, with ratings on each park and preserve, as well as which wildilfe is best seen where, the activities and the average monthly temperatures that are optimum for each country.

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Republic of the Congo


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Safari Collection #1 – Ultimate Congo Basin Rainforest Adventure

Overview of the Congo Basin When you take your first steps into the Congo Basin, your mind will be blown by its sheer vastness. Your lungs will be filled by the freshest air in the world. Between rainforests, savannahs, rivers, mineral-rich...

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According to AAC's Consultants

Szilvia Hegyi in the Congo

Great city tour with our guide Net yesterday and we also booked the experience with the Sapeurs which was so much fun. We were dancing with them then had street food for dinner there. Flying home tonight from Brazzaville… what an...

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According to AAC's Consultants

Mark Nolting in Odzala National Park

Odzala – Ngaga/Mboko/Lango Camps MOST INTREPID: First day we had river and bai wading encounters at Odzala. I saw elephant and pangolin (yes!!). GETTING READY; Second morning as a group we set off for first gorilla trek and saw both...

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