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Booking an AAC safari is more than just game viewing; there is purpose to making a difference! We are very involved in many African communities, giving back to conservation projects, and supporting guides at grass roots level. We are especially focused to assist students’ education as it is our hope they will continue in the wildlife, conservation or tourism field. Let us arrange a visit to these projects on your safari travels!

Tanzania schools:

Our clients traveling to Tanzania are incredibly generous! Schools that are visited on safari include Teneguru in Arusha, and Langhangereri Primary School near Lake Eyasi. The AAC staff have adopted the project Youth Nutrition and a Water Program at Lake Eyasi (LEYNWP). Many times our clients ask to make donations in monies or supplies before they travel. AAC will assist for supplies to reach the students if clients can bring them to Arusha or deliver them personally with a visit on their safari. Because of our charitable work, the Tanzania Tourist Board recognized us with their Tour Operator Humanitarian Award.

Tanzania scholarships:

For 2020 we will continue the scholarship fund for over 36 children of the Tanzania guides who take our clients out on safari. There are also client opportunities to pledge starting at $400.00 for a new student school year.

Tanzania guides:

Our guiding team (photo left) are A+. We have over the years recognized Ephata Lotashau, Emmanuel Mkenda, and Hillary Mandia in our annual Guide of the Year. Our AAC Guides spend many days on safari into the Serengeti and we can support Tanzania parks and their ranger patrols by donating at Mission Possible Serengeti. #serengetishallnotdie.

Kenya scholarships:

Providing an education to a child in Africa is something magical. AAC sponsored Jonathan for 4 years at college. He is now working in Nairobi and you may meet him in the big city on a local tour or request to have him private guide on safari!

Zimbabwe scholarships:

Through Children in the Wilderness there is an opportunity to sponsor several girls/boys to attend High School. If you are interested in donating directly to a child, we would put you in touch with a needy participant in schools around Victoria Falls and Hwange. Typically sponsorship is $500 for a year of boarding at Secondary High School. In 2020 we continue to sponsor children near Hwange and Bulawayo. $4.00 a month feeds each child a meal a day when at school getting their education. Our annual donation has gone along way to the Children in the Wilderness program, which allows under-privileged children a chance to participate in conservation.

Zimbabwe Mother Africa Trust (MAT):

AAC and our clients have supported MAT for decades and we especially excited about their new Hwange initiative of building especially designed bomas to keep local livestock in the communities, safe from predatory attacks such as lions.

Zimbabwe Mana Pools Bushlife Conservancy:

If you have stayed in Vundu Tented Camp or canoed the Zambezi River, then you’ve met Nick and Desiree Murray. For over 14 years they have dedicated their lives to preserving the wildlife and integrity of Mana Pools. We give a yearly donation to their Bushlife Conservancy and National Parks for the ongoing anti-poaching unit and the collaring of iconic elephants. This year Mark and Miles Nolting were on hand to witness the incredible coordination of guides, veterinarians and assistants to keep these elephants safe!

Botswana guides:

We sponsor the opportunity for resident camp guides to work up their specialist knowledge providing them with private guiding opportunities with our lucky clients through the year. Brookes Kamanakao is a recent graduate!

Wilderness Safaris Trust:

We are major supporters of Wilderness Safaris in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia. South Africa and Rwanda. We know that for every bed night we book, a portion of the price goes to the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust to support a variety of research and education projects

Cape Town orphanage/community:

Contact us to set up a tour for you during your time in Cape Town. Uthando in Cape Town raises funds for impoverished townships

Tanda Tula Education Foundation:

Many of our clients travel to Tanda Tula Safari Camp and after their stay, we make a direct contribution to the Education Foundation. Over 700 people are directly impacted through an adult literacy program, scholarship program and healthcare.