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Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi is Tanzania’s largest soda lake. The lake's northern shore forms part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s southern border. Unlike Ngorongoro, however, it is seldom visited. For travelers with a keen interest in genuine, “off the beaten track” cultural immersion, visiting Lake Eyasi is a must. The local Wahadzabi (Hadzabe) bushmen are a relic from a bygone age: they are veritable, traditional hunter-gatherers, hunting birds and small game with bow and arrow in hand, and gathering wild fruits, roots and tubers. Such travelers should also consider visiting the local Datoga (Mang’ati) tribe. They, like the Maasai, are pastoralists that herd cattle and goats. In contrast to the Maasai, a visit to one of their villages is often very exclusive: typically, your group and your guide are the only visitors! Additionally, visitors have the option of seeing the Kisima Ngeda Primary School.

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