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Testimonial from Jeff Skinner

"Uganda was absolutely unbelievably wonderful, exciting, awesome."

Uganda was absolutely unbelievably wonderful, exciting, awesome. We had a short drive (45 minutes), a short trek (no more than 45 minutes) and an hour surrounded by the H Group of 18 members walking around us. We saw all 18! The silverback was one of the first to come out of the bush and he sat down across from us. Then one by one all the others paraded in front of us. And, as I am sure you are aware, the SEVEN METER rule had yet to be taught to these magnificent creatures. So we were all MUCH CLOSER. After about 20 minutes the black-back presented himself. He didn't look so overwhelmingly happy, but then how would we know. He checked us out one-by-one and then proceeded toward us. But when he got within about ten feet he did a 90-degree turn and sat down, grabbed a branch and pretty much "joined our group". Across from him there were two young ones putting on a playful wrestle show. At some point I was standing at the edge of our group when a mother with a baby started toward me. I just stood still (well, with my little video camera in hand) as she passed by me brushing my pants! Except for maybe seeing a live birth I don't know how this visit could have been any better!!!