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Testimonial from Jennifer Steck

"I'm fresh back from another incredible AAC adventure. This was one of my best trips ever!!"

I'm fresh back from another incredible AAC adventure.

The chimpanzee trek was also wonderful…What a beautiful creature and an incredible opportunity to see him…I'm so thankful that I was included on the trek. We had a lot more time just to observe at a respectful distance and the ability to observe the behaviors and have them explained by a wonderful guide was so helpful and educational…

The gorillas were amazing, of course. The guide and trackers were so helpful and very protective of the gorillas. After about 45 minutes, it seemed like the silverback was over it and the others followed. Rather than push them, we left a little early. It was great to see how much they respected the need for the gorillas to have some peace and quiet. It had also started thundering and I think they were concerned for our safety going downhill if there was a hard rain. I really appreciated that as well. The trek in Rwanda was medium in difficulty… They were kind and helpful. I enjoyed walking through the terraced fields. It was beautiful. The gorillas also were amazing and we had clearer viewing. I had a few quiet minutes to sit and watch a female grooming the silverback. The gentleness brought tears to my eyes. Then after moving to get pictures of a female about 3.5 years old, she started walking past us. Before I could move aside, she tapped me with her hand and then put one of her back feet up on my leg. It was so unexpected and gentle…

This was one of my best trips ever!!  From the time I got to The Boma, there was one highlight after another. My fellow travelers were amazing and I loved the small group aspect of the trip. Each person I came in contact with felt like a new friend…I am anticipating more trips to Africa and I can't wait to work together again to make that happen.