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Testimonial from Helen Reinhardt

"There is just nothing in the world like it. "

Next was Ol Donyo.  The lodge is beyond gorgeous.  Tasteful.  Natural.  Set into the landscape perfectly.  GORGEOUS…Going down to the hide was lots of fun.  So many animals in such close proximity.  The food was incredible.  Two nights we ate alone in the new wine cellar.  We felt sort of like royalty.  The third night we ate outside on the ‘patio’ at our own table. Jackson was our guide, in our own vehicle.  He is a photographer himself and SO aware of light and angle.  He was shooting too.  He has ten years of experience and because he is so modest it took us a bit to find out how good he IS…We headed out early and caught the morning magical light.  There were not a lot of animals on the drives.  Nice groups of elephants.  Plenty of the usual things.  But we were unable to find the ‘big stuff.’  That is when how good a guide is really shows… 

Our last camp was Mara Plains.  BIG CAT CITY!!  Lions and lions and more lions.  Cheetah and more Cheetah.   A Leopard and her baby in the tree.  Out of the tree.  Back into the tree.  Because the lions were so well fed they had energy to spare and we watched them romp and play.  Lots of six week old babies and older babies.  One day we saw two tiny tiny babies.  Two weeks old.  Little eyes under the bush.  I have no idea who found them.  Somebody must have seen their mom put them under the bush.   The BBC folks were straining to see them through the sticks right along with us… 

Thank you for a planning an incredible safari for us.  There is just nothing in the world like it.