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Namib-Naukluft National Park

At 19,215 mi², Namib-Naukluft is one of the largest parks in the entire world. This Namibian national park is named after the Namib Desert, the world’s oldest desert, but also contains savannah grasslands, gypsum and quartz plains, granite mountains, an estuarine lagoon and wetlands, a canyon, and of course, enormous sand dunes. The most famous sand dunes are located at Sossusvlei, including “Big Daddy” at an incredible 1,100 ft. Reaching the top affords a photogenic, eerie view of the “Dead Vlei” – a white pan containing scattered skeletons of acacias that perished over 800 years ago. Make sure to arrive early: the sunrise paints the dunes with beautiful hues of red and orange.

Though very arid and seemingly inhospitable, the park is actually a viable biome of desert-adapted flora and fauna. This is thanks to the condensation from Atlantic Ocean sea mists. Such unique creatures include the Plamato gecko, shovel-nosed lizard, Namib golden mole, gemsbok (oryx), springbok, mountain zebra, and ostrich. Arguably the best way to experience this incredible landscape of endless dunes is on a hot-air balloon flight.

Formed by the consolidation of old livestock farms in the 1980s, NamibRand is a private reserve bordering the national park. With only 4 lodges on the entire reserve, this is an excellent place to experience true solitude.

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It’s all about our clients, always has been!

We had the most fantastic trip ever!!!!!

Wolwedans Dune Lodge – Our private mountain suite was fantastic, a huge tent consisting of a living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Our chef Illy and butler Hendricks were fantastic. Illy would make the most wonderful meals and...

Barbara & Jay Berkowitz

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It was a worthwhile, sometimes magical experience. The highlights, by far, were the bookends-- Sossusvlei and Etosha.

It was a worthwhile, sometimes magical experience.  The highlights, by far, were the bookends– Sossusvlei and Etosha.  The dunes were as glorious as I hoped, and the wildlife in Etosha, especially the enormous herds of elephants...

Chris Donovan

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Oh My God!!!!!! Why did I wait so long to take this trip?!?

Hello Alison and crew, Oh My God!!!!!! Why did I wait so long to take this trip?!? I could go on and on for pages.  Absolutely spectacular!!!  We are so happy with the tour we took and all the details involved.  Wilderness Safaris does...

Tim & Linda Corcoran

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The Diverse Namibia Safari was great!

The Diverse Namibia safari was great! Our guide, Jeremia Mwapopi, was excellent. He was very personable, diplomatic, extremely knowledgeable on all topics, pertaining to the trip, and, very importantly, he was an excellent driver. We...

Vera Jones

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