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Testimonial from Barbara & Jay Berkowitz

"We had the most fantastic trip ever!!!!!"

Wolwedans Dune Lodge – Our private mountain suite was fantastic, a huge tent consisting of a living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Our chef Illy and butler Hendricks were fantastic. Illy would make the most wonderful meals and Hendricks would take care of our every need. Our guide Oscar was very good. We slept outside one night in the star bed, very cold but Hendricks made sure we had plenty of comforters to bundle up with. We had the most interesting walk with local Bushmen and were shown the many wonders of the desert… Hoanib Skeleton Coast – The lodge was great as was our guide Joas. We had no expectations of seeing much wildlife but we were pleasantly surprised as we saw desert adapted lions, elephants, giraffes, zebra and many (20 in one spot) ostriches. Our drive to the Skeleton Coast was very interesting at one point driving up on a huge sand dune towering above the desert. The seals at the coast were amazing and then we stopped for lunch on the beach, what a treat. One afternoon Joas took us for a long hike through a mountain pass and then down a dry river bed and then circling around back to camp. We would definitely recommend Hoanib.

Desert Elephants

Tanda Tula – More of a traditional camp with an upscale touch. Chad was our guide and he was great. Loads of animals including a pride of 16 lions. Breakfast in bush every morning was a nice touch. One morning we walked back to camp from the breakfast a great way to walk off the food. The meals were very good and one evening they set up a romantic private dinner on our veranda. This was a wonderful camp and we really enjoyed our stay there.

Singita Lebombo – We have had the most phenomenal safari experience here at Singita Lebombo. We really lucked out by having a private vehicle and Chantelle as our guide with Glass as our tracker. We saw 21 lions from 4 different prides, including a rare white lion. Chantelle took us for a lovely hike one afternoon following a riverbed. Our room was spectacular with a star bed outside which we slept in one evening.  Everyone at the lodge went out of their way to make our experience an unforgettable one. On our last evening we were presented with a private dinner up on the terrace above the wine cellar, how romantic.

Singita Lebombo

Singita Boulders – Our room or should I say villa was huge including a large heated pool which we used daily. The level of service was on the same lines as Lebombo. Nick was our guide and Kevin our tracker in a shared vehicle. The wildlife was fantastic with many rhinos and a special sighting of wild dog puppies at their den. The puppies were only 5 weeks old and we were told that this was only the second sighting of them.

Singita Boulders

Tswalu Motse Lodge – This was our third trip to Tswalu and we still love the Kalahari. We had Nelson as our guide (2nd time) and Ben as our tracker (3rd time), Ben postponed his leave so he could be our tracker for the week. The sightings were great including eight rhinos at one sighting. The one thing about being at Tswalu is when we ask to see an animal Nelson and Ben never disappoint, we always see what we ask for….

Tswalu Motse Lodge

All in all we had the most fantastic trip ever!!!!!