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Lake Manyara National Park

Ernest Hemingway described this Tanzanian park's lake as “the loveliest I have seen in Africa." A narrow strip of land separates Lake Manyara from the Great Rift Valley’s escarpment, providing amazing views of and from it. Though comparatively small, the park is very biodiverse. The 5 vegetation zones, radiating from the lake, include groundwater forest, scrub on the Rift Valley wall, scattered acacia, open grasslands and marshlands along the lakeshore.

The eponymous soda lake is a haven for all forms of wildlife. There are more than 450 bird species in the park, most notably the migratory lesser and greater flamingos. The dry season months of December to March and June to October are the best times to visit. Commonly seen wildlife include elephant, buffalo, waterbuck, Maasai giraffe, zebra, and blue monkey. In addition, the park is known for its tree-climbing lions!

The park's entrance is located on the main road near the town of Karatu.

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