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Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Africa in 2022

February 4, 2022 East Africa Bush Tails

Africa is, undeniably, a distinctively unique travel destination. The continent’s cultural and historical diversity is only matched by its richness. And of course, Africa is full of natural splendor and an incomparable density of compelling wildlife. Our team of safari experts have explored much of this wonderful continent, whether it’s the endless plains of the Serengeti, the dazzling wetlands of the Okavango or the lush montane rainforests or Uganda and Rwanda.

Because of this, we know the reasons you should visit these destinations and possess the insight to tailor your safari to your personal preferences. Though there a definitely more reasons to travel to Africa in 2022, we narrowed it down to 10 for you. Take a look!


Much of Africa’s appeal is deeply intertwined with the concept of Romance. Like any great romance, a great safari is marked by mystery, excitement, adventure, and remoteness from everyday life. They’re both also about the little things, like waking up to a champagne-colored sky drenched with dapples of the rising sunlight as you hear the sound of a lion calling in the distance.

Our Top 12 Romantic Getaways will only enhance your love affair with Africa. And for our newlyweds, explore our Honeymoon Getaways.

Photography of a Lifetime

Some say that the eye is the lens of the soul. So what better way to remember your own African safari than to photograph it under the careful guidance of a seasoned professional guide! They understand the importance of timing and positioning so you can get those once-in-a-lifetime moments on camera. For our particularly avid photographers, we can connect you with private photographic guides. They’ll go above and beyond in offering you expert tutoring and critique to improve your photos during your safari. That way, the memories you capture through your lens will be imprinted upon your soul.

We’ve got two superb itineraries for both you and your camera. Our 18-Day East Africa Wildlife Extravaganza perfectly blends landscape, cultural and wildlife photographic opportunities. For those who want to spend time with Africa’s “gentle giants”, our 12-Day “Eyes on Elephant” Safari to Zimbabwe is the one for you. Nick Murray and Dave Carsons are expert walking guides, so they’ll be able to provide incredible up-close encounters with these iconic species.

Family Adventures

Due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, many families have remained separate for the past two years. Now more than ever, Africa is a prime destination to reconnect. What better way to rekindle your relationships than on safari, far removed from your busy schedules.

Learning about conservation and exposure to new cultures are just two ways an African safari is an invaluable educational experience for children. Our specially crafted Family Safaris are designed to create unmatched fun and learning for kids, parents and grandparents alike.

Stylish Safari Camps

There are safari camps and lodges across Africa that have taken the concept of style to the next level of sophistication and glamour. From design and décor, prime locations, wildlife encounters, guiding and culinary cuisine, Africa has no shortage of ultimate luxury options. For those wanting to experience lavish luxury on a more exclusive and intimate basis, private villas or exclusive-use options are becoming more and more popular across the continent.

In East Africa, Jabali Private House is a hidden gem. Located amidst a cluster of kopjes in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, the villa provides safariers a lavish escape. It’s located in an area renowned for its elephants, lions and leopards. From superb wildlife sighting to sumptuous spa treatments, Jabali ticks all the boxes for an effective blend of adventure and relaxation.

In Southern Africa, Great Plains’ Zarafa Dhow Suite combines total luxury with complete privacy to explore the wildlife-rich waterways and plains of the Selinda Reserve. The two-bedroom tented villa is Botswana’s first and only Relais & Chateaux property and is also one of National Geographics Unique Lodges of the World.

Getting Up Close to Nature

There are few feelings as exhilarating as when one gets up close and personal with Africa’s most iconic wildlife on a walking safari! We ensure that the professional guides have the knowledge and experiences to make these experiences as comfortable as possible for both you and the wildlife.

To really immerse yourself in nature, there’s not better way than the traditional multi-day walking safari to engage all five senses. Our 12-Day Group Walking Safari to Zambia, described as a “Tour of Lifetime” by National Geographic, is one of the best close to nature experiences available. Each day you depart on foot, arriving at the end of the day to your mobile camp’s next site.

Prefer to stay in one place at a time? Then our 12-Day “Eyes on Elephant” Safari to Zimbabwe allows up close encounters with elephants and other iconic species, thanks to Nick Murray and Dave Carsons, two of Zimbabwe’s most renowned professional guides.

Making a Difference

When you book a trip to Africa with AAC, it’s about more than just your safari. We believe that travel serves a greater purpose: to make a difference. Travel has the potential to be an important catalyst for conservation. Not only does it create awareness about the threats to wildlife and wilderness, but it also empowers local people to help preserve these wildlife habitats for future generations to experience.

One example of how tourism makes a real and valuable difference is our 11-Day Luxury Conservation Safari to Kenya. Over the course of your safari, you acquire insight into how local communities and conservation organizations work together to protect these incredible wildernesses.

Another example is our 8-Day Rainforest Adventure to Republic of the Congo. Among the world’s second largest rainforest holds globally significant populations of forest elephant, western lowland gorilla, and numerous other primate species. You’ll see conservation in action when visiting Odzala-Kokoua, one of Africa’s oldest national parks.

Freedom to explore wide Open Spaces

For many of us, these past two years of the pandemic has created a strong urge to travel and experience a real sense of freedom. Venturing into any of the wide open, verdant landscapes of Africa not only allows for opportunities to disconnect from our often overwhelming lives and reconnect with nature and ourselves. Freely exploring nature is the perfect recipe to nourish the soul!

Our 14-Day Wilds of Zambia safari is an ideal way to explore some of Zambia’s most remote, and rewarding, wildlife areas. Whether you prefer a rustic or luxury safari, these camps and lodges offer an adventure safari designed to find your sense of place in some of the most untouched and disconnected destinations on Earth.

Enriching Cultural Experiences

Africa is also a culturally and historically rich destination. This is why so many of our safari itineraries include opportunities for cultural connections and to explore natural heritage and historic sites. As part of a global trend, more and more travelers have an impassioned desire to connect with their destination on a deeper level and to learn about the local communities they encounter.

Matobo Hills National Park, a spiritual and historic landmark for the Ndebele of Zimbabwe, is the highlight of our 14-Day Family Adventure to Zimbabwe. This safari provides families insight into the dramatic past of this spectacular landscape filled with massive stone boulders. In addition, the “My Beautiful Home” bicycle tour through various nearby communities showcases the cultural pride of the Ndebele for their homesteads.

Lake Eyasi, located in the Rift Valley region of Tanzania, offers multiple immersive cultural experiences. Firstly with the Hadza, East Africa’s last remaining true hunter-gatherers. As one of Africa’s oldest tribes, they have lived sustainably on their land for over 50,000 years. You can also take a stroll through a local Maasai village, seeing the true lives of the friendly people of the area. Our 14-Day Group Explorer Safari to Tanzania includes a stay at Lake Eyasi.

Gastronomic Journeys

Much like her landscapes and peoples, African cuisine is rich in diversity. The chefs at your camps and lodges masterfully blend exciting, innovative flavors with locally grown ingredients, recipes and international influences to prepare some truly mouth-watering meals. What’s more, these chefs can offer superb options for those with dietary restrictions. The splendid scenery accompanying your many meals only enhances the fabulous flavors. Rest assured, while on a safari with AAC you’ll never go hungry!

Two particularly exceptional safari camps for fine dining are Mara Plains in Kenya and Mombo Camp in Botswana. The camps offer the magnificent Maasai Mara and Okavango Delta as backdrops for your meals. Want to go on the ultimate culinary safari? Our 15-Day Diamond Skies Safari to South Africa is a balanced mix of Africa’s finest wildlife and food offerings.

Step back in time – vintage experiences

Every now and then, we all need to take a step back in time, to a simpler, slower-paced place. A vintage safari offers just that, offering a more rustic, immersive and profound experience, a reconnection to nature without the frills,. These safaris are ideal for those with adventurous spirit who are eager to soak in the sights and sounds of Africa’s wildernesses. By nature, vintage experiences tend to be smaller camps creating a sense of intimacy and focusing strongly on the experience over the creature comforts. We have partnered with specialist guide Brooks in Botswana to lead a safari featuring small camps that prioritize a personalized experience.

“Why is it you can never hope to describe the emotion Africa creates? You are lifted. Out of whatever pit, unbound from whatever ties, released from whatever fear. You are lifted and you see it all from above.”

These words written by Francesa Marciano accurately describes why, especially in these current times, you should go on an Africa safari. We at AAC cannot wait to help “lift you up” by beginning to plan your African safari of a lifetime!