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Miles Nolting in Kenya & Tanzania – November 2019

November 28, 2019 According to AAC's Consultants

Wildlife Sightings & Activities

Clockwise from Top Right: sunrise view from Ol Donyo; a solitary male ostrich; Mawenzi (left) & Kibo (right) peaks; imagine horseback riding alongside Kilimanjaro!

Left: if a bad, prolonged drought occurs, local Maasai will sacrifice livestock Top Right: Hemingway famously called Chyulu Hills the “Green Hills of Africa” Bottom Right: view on the descent of a hike

Left: spotted a lioness on the way to mountain-biking Right: bush baby spotted during a night drive

Photos from the Ol Donyo Lodge hide

Before crossing the border to Tanzania, Miles visited a Maasai manyatta

Ol Donyo Lodge

Campi ya Kanzi

Tarangire National Park

Wildlife Sightings & Activities

(L) fish eagles perched in a tree (R) a secretary bird walking across the plains

(L) leopard tortoise encountered on a walking safari (R) 2 dwarf mongooses

(L) cow and calf covered themselves in dirt to cool down (R) a baobab in bloom and an elephant – iconic Tarangire!

Little Oliver’s

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Wildlife Sightings & Activities

Top Left: zebras don’t mind getting a little dirty Top Right: a black-shouldered kite Bottom: a lion cub waking up from a nap

Top Left: a crafty elephant getting some water Top Right: who else but a lion could nap so conspicuously Bottom Right: hippos enjoying the springs Bottom Left: an Augur Buzzard

Top Left: the hike down to Empakaai Crater Top Right: Baracka, Miles’ Maasai guide Bottom: at the end of the year, flamingos are present at Empakaai before continuing on with their migration

The manyatta and school located near The Highlands

Serengeti National Park

Wildlife Sightings

(L) two leopard cubs, eagerly awaiting their mom’s return (R) this leopard found a great tree for a nap

Left: three baby cheetahs, mom was at a nearby termite mound Right: a solitary female cheetah in the Southern Serengeti

Top Left: Manja, the melanistic serval Right: wildebeest drinking from the river Bottom Left: a posing klipspringer

Top: a cow and a very young calf in the northern Serengeti Bottom: elephants are an uncommon sight in the southern Serengeti

Namiri Plains

Sayari Camp

Ruaha National Park

Wildlife Sightings

Top: a serval on the prowl Bottom Left: a lion spots a baby bushbuck Bottom Right: a dik dik falls prey to a black-backed jackal

Top Left: a Little Bee-Eater caught a bee Top Right: Broad-Billed Roller Bottom: a Grey Kestrel about to eat its pigeon

Left: baby yellow baboon Top Right: a zebra foal with its mother Bottom Right: a baby giraffe drinking from the rivulet

After 5 nights at Ruaha, there was not one game drive without a lion seen

Found a leopard that brought an impala up a baobab tree – with a male lion waiting on the ground!

Sundowners on the Ruaha River

Kwihala Camp

Jabali Ridge

Selous National Park

Wildlife Sightings

Found a large pack of wild dogs less than an hour after landing at the airstrip

Clockwise from Top Right: Lions resting in the shade; Pied Kingfisher; buffalo chilling in the rivulet; sunset fishing on Lake Siwandu

Roho ya Selous