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East Africa Combo

11 Day – Africa Adventure Plains and Primates Safari to Kenya and Rwanda

One of our classic programs where you game view in the vast plains for the migration in the Masai Mara, Kenya, and explore the forested areas in Rwanda for mountain gorillas.


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12 Day – Mara Explorer to Kenya and Tanzania

This program combines a PRIVATE driving safari from park to park in Tanzania and finishes with a flying safari to the spectacular Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya


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14 Day – African Journeys Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

You visit four different ecosystems offering diverse wildlife viewing and scenery. Start with a flying safari to Amboseli in Kenya where you will enjoy shared game drives. Continue to Tanzania for a PRIVATE driving safari from park to park in Tanzania in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Finish in the Serengeti – best time to go on this program is Nov-Mar and June.


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14 Day – Kenya Safari and Beach Romance

This is a classic East African flying safari where you fly from park to park utilizing scheduled charter flights transfers between the camps. You are staying in two of the best game-viewing areas. Your safari ends with four nights on the unspoiled Malindi off the Kenya coast.


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14 Day – Primate and Plains Group Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

AAC Signature departure – Photograph gorillas in Bwindi Forest and Volcanoes National Park. Chimpanzee trekking and viewing in Kibale Forest. General wildlife game viewing with game drives and boating in Queen Elizabeth Park. Departures: Feb 03: Jul 04; Sep 06

Signature Safari Program - $9,595.00

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14 Day – Tanzania Lodge Safari and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

This popular program combines the Serengeti plains and gorilla primates on a safari. Enjoy a group game viewing safari to the major parks in Northern Tanzania with two gorilla treks in Volcano National Park in Rwanda. Two Gorilla Treks are included in your safari adventure.


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15 Day – Chimp and Gorilla Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

These are two countries that are still unspoiled by tourism and where you explore the forested areas for chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas. Mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans) is by far Rwanda’s major international attraction. After the release of the feature film, Gorillas in the Mist, about the late Dian Fossey’s pioneering work habituating the gorillas, interest in gorilla trekking reached new heights.


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15 Day – Group Explorer Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

Departures: Three days a week (Sun / Wed / Fri). This is an affordable, standard group lodge safari that is all driving through Kenya and Tanzania. It visits all the main parks in each country offering a wide diversity of ecosystems and scenery. Your guides in Kenya and Tanzania will have an excellent knowledge of the areas you visit.


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16 Day – Africa Adventure's Plains and Primates Safari to Kenya and Uganda

This is an exciting program where you explore the forested areas in Uganda for chimpanzees and mountain gorillas and game view in the vast plains of the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Begin with a flying safari to the world famous Maasai Mara, enjoying morning and afternoon game drives. In Uganda, travel with your guide and 4-wheel drive vehicle as you explore the beautiful countryside.


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16 Day – Galloping Gnus Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

This is our best East African safari combining both the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti. You are driving and flying as we have included scheduled flights between some parks to eliminate backtracking great distances by road. This safari really highlights the best parks of Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. You should have the opportunity to see the Big 5.


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17 Day – Adventurer Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

This value safari combines a small group safari in Tanzania starting in Arusha and driving through to the Serengeti. Finish with a quick hop and jump, flying safari into the Masai Mara. The accommodations include staying in seasonal tented camps, as well as permanent tented camps.


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19 Day – 'Path of Dreams' Safari to South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya

This program combines time in the beautiful city of Cape Town along with a safari in South Africa and Kenya. On the South Africa safari you visit MalaMala Game Reserve for Big Five game viewing. Continue to Tanzania which includes a PRIVATE driving safari from park to park. Finish with a flying safari to Kenya’s Maasai Mara guaranteeing great game viewing.


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21 Day – Six Country Safari to East and Southern Africa

On this safari you will travel through Tanzania, Botswana, Victoria Falls and end in Cape Town, South Africa. Experience the beauty of the Serengeti and the thrill of open vehicle game viewing with optional visits to Chobe National Park or the world famous Okavango Delta. Your safari is highlighted by two nights in Vicotria Falls and ending with four nights/three full days in beautiful Cape Town.


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East Africa Combo

When you close your eyes and you think of Africa, the rolling plains of the Serengeti, watching tribesmen like the Masai and natural beauty surrounding you with amazing game, this is East Africa! Kenya or Tanzania is always a good choice for a first time safarier as it is often what you have imagined over the years (and after watching documentaries like National Geographic and the Discovery Channel).

The featured combination programs to Kenya and Tanzania offer the best of both countries, some include both the Serengeti and the Masai Mara National Reserve (see Best Time to Go Chart), an exciting variety of accommodations, and options of flying safaris, private safaris or a combination of both.

On the flying safaris you travel with other guests on the scheduled flights and on the game activities with resident guides in the lodges and camps.

We have several group departures where you drive from park to park and have the same guide throughout. We are very territorial about our guides as they are the best in the industry and constantly receive the highest accolades each year – a trademark of our Africa Adventure Company safaris in Kenya and Tanzania.

We highly recommend that you consider making your safari private. This is more affordable than you think and it really makes the difference to having totally awesome game viewing experiences. You travel with your own guide and vehicle on your own schedule, and at the same time will meet up with other people at the lodges and camps. This may be to request a private vehicle at one or two of the camps only to optimize your photographic time in the vehicle. Or it can be for the whole safari.

The variety of game-viewing activities is what makes East Africa a great destination be it from a vehicle, on foot, by boat, hot air balloon and even canoe. Other than game-viewing you can visiting Masaii and other cultural villages, discover the Rift Valley lakes and the beaches on the Coast and neighboring islands.

Kenya and Tanzania are a great stepping stone for adventuring further, gorilla and chimp trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, the islands of Zanzibar and Seychelles, and even north to Ethiopia and Egypt.

One of the huge advantages to working with The Africa Adventure Company is that, based on two people traveling, we can customize any itinerary to your specific needs.

East Africa Combo

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