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December 23, 2021 Galloping Gnus Newsletter


Greetings AAC friends and family!
As we take a moment to reflect on this past year, we are grateful to those of you who supported us to continue making a difference in the lives of Africa’s people and her landscapes teaming with wildlife.

Recently I rediscovered the natural beauty around us with a month long safari to Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. What nourishment for the soul! Not only did I feel safe in all 10 camps/hotels in which I stayed, I confidently believe that the safari experience is more appealing than ever (and yes all the COVID testing along the way is carefully planned).

Travel to Africa is open! Our Last Minute Safari Ideas highlight the “Calving Season” of the Great Migration in the southern plains of Tanzania along with the “Green Season” in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. For those of you seeking to answer the call, the wide open spaces, fresh air, and uncrowded exclusive wilderness make an African safari the best trip on Earth!

In addition, Our Top 12 Romantic Places are the dreamiest getaways, and our savvy travelers can continue to enjoy the blog series of Stay Longer, Stay Remoter with gems on a “slow safari” by spending more time at fewer locations. Please also take a look at our true and tested Mark Nolting’s Top 10 Trips with these “traveling with purpose” safaris enabling revenue flow directly into conservation and community projects.

All of us at AAC want you to know Africa is awaiting your visit! We’re here to make sure you’ll have the time of your life, and as destination travel specialists, we will be there for you every step of the way – our years of customized travel experience gives us the insight critical to adapt to the current times.

Our warmest wishes for the Festive Season and New Year!

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