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Hwange’s Lion

August 3, 2015 Southern Africa Bush Tails


We are all saddened to hear about the death of Cecil, a regal 13-year-old lion who lived in Hwange National Park in northern Zimbabwe and who was part of a large conservation-minded study of lions in the area.

This is a very unfortunate situation and underscores the importance of the great work being done in the safari industry to promote responsible tourism to these remote and protected areas.

Safari camps and lodges and companies like ourselves have already made a significant impact on reducing poaching and increasing protected game reserve lands. Traveling to Zimbabwe and visiting Hwange National Park and Mana Pools is an immeasurable step to helping.


Visiting Africa along with making donations to reputable wildlife organizations such as African Wildlife Foundation is the best way to help protect and preserve Africa’s treasures.

As of August 2015, The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority has ceased all lion, leopard, and elephant hunts around Hwange.

We encourage you to continue to support eco-tourism to Hwange and travel on a photographic safari to the other parks of Zimbabwe where the tourism community is working diligently on the ground to conserve the wildlife.