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Mana Pools National Park


Mana Pools’ appeal lies equally with its blend of scenery and wildlife as it does with its unique activities. This 845 mi² (2190 km²) national park is ecologically defined by the reeds, sandbanks and huge mahogany and acacia trees along the Zambezi River on its northern border, and the pools and the dense mopane woodland towards the southern Zambezi escarpment.


Mana Pools is one of Africa’s top parks to spot wild dog, but elephant, leopard, greater kudu, waterbuck, zebra, eland, impala, bushbuck, lion and crocodiles are also commonly seen. Visitors have the unique opportunity to undergo a “walking and driving excursion.” Visitors will accompany a guide in an open vehicle, but if they spot tantalizing evidence of an exciting animal nearby you best be prepared to disembark on foot and track it!


Mana Pools is also an incredible destination for fishing and canoeing safaris. The latter provide visitors the opportunity to access areas along the river’s shore and small islands. Here, guests can view a multitude of animals, most notably elephants, which wade across the channels in search for food on riverine islands. Even more excitingly, if you spot a certain animal moving inland from the shoreline, guests have the option to spontaneously follow them on foot on a “canoeing and walking excursion.”

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