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Testimonial from Steve and Donna Cabble

The safari camps were great. Everyone we met on the staff were so friendly and helpful.  Our meals were delicious and we enjoyed eating with our group so we could really get to know each other.  I am a vegetarian and I was so happy to enjoy the many selections offered at every meal.   

James Obene, our guide, made our trip complete.  His knowledge, gentle nature, fantastic driving skills, kindness, humor and caring manner proved we were in the best hands possible.  From the minute we went down into the crater we could not believe how many animals we saw.  The big 5, ostriches mating, herds of wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, a pride of lions right next to our truck, baboons, warthogs, many, many, birds and of course, elephants.  James spotted animals we could never see and put us as close as possible to photograph them and observe them in their natural environment. 

We want to thank Ian and the staff at AAC for helping us fall in love with Africa.  When we were planning our trip we were on, off, maybe because of our work schedules, family commitments and life in general.  We feel so blessed and grateful that we were able to live our dream.  The trip was an amazing adventure.  Everything for us was perfect, the weather, our group, our guides, the animals, the people, the food …… everything.  People who have gone to Africa told us it was like no other place on earth, and they are so right.  Thank you for making our African dream come true !!!!!!  Asanti Sana !!!!!