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Testimonial from Bev Bounds

We had experiences I could have never dreamed about. When Brooks is excited and taking photos you know it is special. With him we saw the rare pangolin, the wild dogs chasing a young giraffe (the baby did survive). We saw a 6 months leopard on ground, then tree and then with a kill –a squirrel or other similar animal.  In the drive to airstrip we saw an elephant “climbing” a tree with front legs to get higher branches.

Brooks is the greatest! He took us everywhere by vehicle-we were 400yards from main lodge so he drove us back and forth for meals and all else. We did not ask he just took it upon himself to help us out.  If he is not the best guide there are none better. It was fun to watch him figure out where the action was. He ate with us so we got to know him quite well.