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Xigera Camp – January 2014

January 9, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape
September has brought some huge variances in temperature at Xigera, but summer is now here in full swing. However, winter has tried to fight back with two particularly cold spells taking over, creating a monthly low of 12 °C and a monthly high of 36 °C.


The water levels are still dropping around camp, causing us to move the boat station a little further away from the camp to the deeper water channels. Our guests now get to enjoy a short game drive to the new boat station which is at the Xigera Lagoon.

The dropping water levels have created the ideal conditions to view an abundance of wildlife on game drives as it is now easier for the animals and us to cross from island to island. Lions have been spotted on a regular basis out on drive, while hyaena visit the camp area just about every night. On one occasion a leopard had dragged its kill up a tree right next to the staff village.

The absolute highlight of the month is most certainly when, over coffee and breakfast one early morning, a lone wild dog crossed over our drawbridge at camp. To put this in perspective, this amazing species has not been seen at Xigera for quite a number of years, and most certainly never within the confines of the island the camp is situated on.

Birds and Birding
Birding has been good this month. Guests in Tent 2 were treated to a spectacle of two tawny eagles catching a young vervet monkey. The two birds then proceeded to eat their lunch on a log right in front of the tent! The Pel’s fishing-owl is back in camp again, with a Verreaux’s eagle-owl paying an occasional visit. Photographic evidence had to be produced when we were told that a ruddy turnstone was seen at the Xigera Lagoon!

Camp Activities
Botswana celebrated its independence on the 30th of September, and Xigera staff joined in with a variety of activities planned throughout the day. Running races, soccer, volleyball and even sack races were held on our soccer field. Guests that wanted to joined in the fun around our soccer field, where high tea and refreshments were served. The day ended off at our boma with a variety of songs being sung, including the national anthem.