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2020 Winter Galloping Gnus Newsletter

December 23, 2020 Galloping Gnus Newsletter

Greetings AAC friends and family!

As 2020 draws to a close, we are grateful to those of you who helped us push through and persevere this year. And with 2021 just around the corner, we hope an incredible, memory-making safari lies in your future!

What would your 2021 dream adventure look like? For many it’s wide open spaces, fresh air, and uncrowded exclusive wilderness – and why the safari experience remains appealing amidst our new global norms. This is one of the main reasons I recently went on a month-long safari to Kenya and Tanzania: to share with you all why an African safari is still the best trip on Earth!  I saw first-hand flights’ and camps’ implementation of strict Standard Operating Procedures. Not only did I feel safe during all my stays, I confidently believe that the safari experience is more appealing than ever!
Don’t let the fear of traveling postpone your adventure. After all, the sooner you depart, the more likely you will have these enchanting, wide-open spaces to yourself.  I would highly recommend going on safari to Tanzania in February when you can witness the “Calving Season” of the Great Migration.  See this and other East African gems on a “slow safari” by spending more time at fewer locations. Here are 4 Kenyan & Tanzanian itineraries inspired by my own safari. Be sure to speak with myself or another member of our in-house Travel Designer team to customize your ideal safari. Furthermore, as destination specialists, we will be there for you every step of the way – our years of experience gives us the insight critical to adapt to the unpredictability of our current times.
In addition to my itineraries, you should also take a look at Mark’s Expedition Collection. Behind each of these trips is the idea of “Traveling with Purpose.” The need to retain the low-volume, sustainable tourism model is as urgent as it’s ever been, and these trips accomplish this by ensuring revenue directly flows into conservation and community projects.
All of us at AAC want you to know: Africa is awaiting your return! For those of you seeking to answer the call, we’re here to make sure that you’ll have the time of your life!

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