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Wildlife Research Project – Update (May-June 2011)

August 10, 2011 Southern Africa Bush Tails


Mana Pools, our new study region in the north of Zimbabwe, is providing equal excitement and with the help of Professional Guide, Nick Murray, we have the location of two dens. One belongs to alpha fe male Tait, of the Vundu Pack. Happily her GPS collar, which was fitted in November 2010, is still providing excellent information about her movements and made locating her den quite straightforward. Nick confirmed this on the ground. The secon d pack, now named the Long Pool Pack, are also denned. This is a smaller pack of nine dogs and yet to be collared. I will however be traveling up to Mana Pools at the beginning of July with the intention of collaring this pack as well.


Above: The alpha female of th e Long Pool Pack (yet to be named)
Above: Alpha female Tait, of the Vundu pack, very pregnant.