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Welcome back Monica!

September 11, 2015 AAC Events

Welcome back Monica!

We are thrilled to share some photos from Monica’s Family Safari to Tanzania. She visited Ngorongoro, central and northern Serengeti and Ruaha.

Monica's collage

In the words of Monica’s family friends, Ann and Walter, who were travel companions through Tanzania:

“Every day was so special and we cannot really say what we liked best.

The wildlife and the scenery in Tanzania are incredibly impressive and amazing! Game viewing was way above our expectation and it was worth every second to get up early in the morning! This was just absolute perfect.We were also amazed about your knowledge of all the birds and wildlife and you are such a good observer!
Now we are downloading the pictures……..thousands……………………and are enjoying every moment of this trip over and over again….the wildlife, the scenery, the balloon ride, numbers of breathtaking sunsets and sundawns, the walking safari, the wonderful and friendly staff at the camps, taking care of us and cooking all the delicious meals, the fine wine and drinks and the great guides.

In summary it was this exotic nature and the spectales which were presented to us day and night at the Ngorongoro crater, at the Ruaha National Parc and when we moved through the Serengeti, in the wake of the huge herds of animals, we drifted, felt the freedom and the power of nature, because we were part of it!That was our trip to Tanzania, a fantastic country, that impressed us deeply and will remain in our memories.”