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Top 5 camps in Hwange by Alison Nolting!

June 22, 2018 According to AAC's Consultants

This past May, I traversed Hwange Park from East to West and had a trip that was simply “A meeting of all the lion prides”!  From sighting the Ngamo pride including Tengwani and Nqkwele (his brother is Butch) on the plains, seeing Stumpy and her pride of 5 around Davison’s.  Continuing through the park to the west and sighting two prides at Camp Hwange, including Voosie. The finale sighting was Bhubezi near Somalisa (part of the Cecil clan).

Hwange sundowners, elephants galore at Hippo pan

# 5 – Davison’s

Stumpy and her pride moving early in the morning

Sitting around the warm Davison campfire is perfect on a chilly winter evening

Davison waterhole

The limbs are moving on the acacia as a troop of baboons descend A juvenile elephant sprints by trumpeting with false bravado Ahead in the plains is a lone buffalo And the flames of the campfire merge with the setting sun rays

Early the next morning we depart in a cloud of frigid mist A sighting of the lioness out front and soon, in the wave of grasses Two bodies bound across the road with a backdrop of soft light Winter is here and the pride is on the move

Within the forest of rich Zambezi teak there are glimpses The regal sable, a journey of giraffe, handsome kudu and What luck! A pack of wild dog on their evening hunt Filled in with several elephant herds knocking down seed pods

Building up to our goal – replacing a collar on Nkwele the lioness The lion research team of Janet and Bob were diligent Calling in both the lioness and young male A dramatic snarl, clash and swat followed by a peaceful sleep

Success – a brand new necklace on the wandering lady

#4 Camp Hwange

An amazing serval sighting – watched it catch four field mice

Revisiting the Masuma area – had been her 7 years ago with Mark and kids

#3 Khulu

Another sunset – near Main Camp

Visiting with the owners, the Stead family, on deck at Khulu

#2 Somalisa

Bhubezi sighting – felt those lion roars from tip of my toes to top of head!

Lunch time lounging at Somalisa

#1 Little Makalalo

Little Makalolo has re-opened with spiffy new main lodge and pool area

During the week stay of “A meeting with all the lions prides”, I was guided by the Themba “buzz” at Davison’s, Little Makalolo and Linkwasha camps. Dave Carson “always looking for another lion” at Camp Hwange and Hwange Bush Camp, the iconic Nic Polenakis at Somalisa and “Mr” Dardley at Khulu.  Thank you to every one for the amazing time in Zimbabwe!