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Tanzania Guide Reports from Africa Adventure Private Safaris February 2014

February 10, 2014 East Africa Bush Tails

The Russell party had many expectations as they were recommended by some friends who came here several years back but still remember how great this Company is.


Their experience exceeded what they were expecting to see we saw a lot of great sightings the highlight was to see a cheetah hunting, chasing and catching a gazelle. We then watch as it was suffocating by biting the throat and eventually eating.


Safari stated on January 15, 2014 where I met the clients for briefing as they were at leisure at Coffee lodge. The clients asked if they could do something as they were not tired then I mentioned Arusha National Park.
The clients were happy to see all attraction in the Park including but not limited to the flamingo, ark-tree, the Mount Kilimanjaro view, giraffes, white and black Colobus monkey, and a lot of giraffes.
On January 16, 2014 we drove to Tarangire where I briefed them about the Park that is dotted by baobab trees which gives a pre-historical look and just after entering the park we saw a baboon eating a baobab fruit on the tree and some elephant under the tree. Then we saw a male lion under acacia tree where I advice the clients the use of light metering, we also saw a lot of birds.
Then after lunch we saw awesome stuff including two leopards and lots of elephants.
The next day after walking, we saw a lioness just killed a warthog and elephant swimming and African fish eagle eating a bird.
On the January 18, 2014 we saw two male cheetahs in a tall grass, it was lack to see them as during rainy season the grass are very high. On the way to Gibbs Farm we saw a newly born elephant was struggling walking by warbling and trying to find mother’s nipples to have the first suck.
On the January 20, 2014 we did a full day game drive we stared at 0600 hrs we enjoyed being just on ourselves seeing brilliant game with golden soft light. We also saw a martial eagle, huge male elephants and big male lion and about 12 rhinos of which two were very close. I also explained that the crater is one of the intact eco-system as it having big number of predator that including 60 t0 100 lions and about 400 hyenas which make about 2.5 predators per These predators kill almost about 30% to 50%  of newly born wildebeests under the age of two months,  as we saw many parks of  hyenas being just finished eating and chasing the young ones.
On January 21, 2014 we drove to the Olduvai Gorge and maasai village then we went to Ndutu. In the Serengeti it was awesome we had the great time there, even the clients appreciated when they asked me at the beginning about what was my favorite park and I said Serengeti. We saw migration, lots of lions, elephants, cheetahs and some hunting and one chased and killed a gazelle and most of the time we have been alone especially seeing a cheetah hunting and killing just on our selves.
On January 23, 2014 we went to the Serengeti we saw a cheetah then we went back for lunch and we came back and see cheetah hunting, chasing and killed a gazelle right there that was awesome