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Take it Easy, but Take it – My Namibian Biking Trip

June 7, 2010 According to AAC's Consultants


“Take it easy, but take it”

These were the words most repeated by my guide over five days of mountain biking in Namibia this June.

The Namibian desert in the northwest part of the country, better known as Damaraland, is an open book that reads like a story. The unique landscape, flora and fauna that survive there have their own stories to tell. It is tough adapting to Namibia’s harsh conditions, they tell us.

Experiencing the land from a bicycle with an expert guide is unlike anything else. While the most difficult aspect of the ride was navigating through terrain such as loose stones and sandy patches, it must be said that you do need to be somewhat fit to enjoy it. The keyword is enjoy – take it easy. Anyone can toil along for the 2 -6 hours per day spent on a bike, but by preparing yourself mentally and physically you are getting ready for an epic adventure.

The excitement at the prospect of seeing lions or elephants from your bi ke, the magical sunsets with hues of purples and pinks on the surrounding hills as you ride into camp and the delicious food when you eat only paint a part of the picture. By yourself, Namibia is a dangerous place to be on a bike, but in the hands of professional guides you will be able to experience the country on a whole new level.

The Africa Adventure Company specializes in unique adventures such as this one – take it.


– by: Ian Carlo Flores 
Assistant Operations and Sales Consultant