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Spring 2020 Newsletter

April 27, 2020 Galloping Gnus Newsletter
From LtoR: Tony Mulinde (Uganda); Nick Murray (Bushlife Conservancy); Wendy Panaino (Tswalu Pangolin Project); Rod Cassidy (Sangha Lodge); Alison Nolting&Mark Nolting (AAC); Paul Telfer (CEO – Odzala Discovery Camps); Miles Nolting (AAC); Luke Bailes (CEO – Singita Group); Map Ives (Managing Director of Rhino Conservation in Botswana).

Greetings AAC friends and Family! One of the industries hit hardest by the current worldwide pandemic is travel and tourism, which are absolutely essential in the fight to secure Africa’s last remaining wild spaces.

Thank you for the great support by our AAC travelers to rebook and postpone and travel on safari in 2021. These are essential for both the many people involved in eco-tourism, and the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and last remaining wildernesses.

At our annual Safari Soiree last month, Singita founder and Executive Chairman, Luke Bailes, outlined the stark reality of losing the essential funding that tourism contributes to the preservation of Africa’s most fragile landscapes: “If tourism collapses, the ripple effect could wipe out decades of proactive conservation work on the continent.“

Each of the other 5 guest speakers outlined the importance of eco-tourism revenue to support Communities and Conservation lodges in Africa, which is why projects that protect our wildlife and the land they inhabit simply must continue. We have provided a list of organizations on our Making a Difference” and “Supporting Africa” pages on our website. A small donation to would be an important step in continuing to conserve Africa’s wildlife and help the people that can make it happen. 

One thing we have learned through this pandemic is that, if given the chance, our beloved nature will always rise to the occasion whenever we need our spirits lifted.  Enjoy viewing the 20th annual Photo Competition spotlighting our amazing clients – and their amazing photos!

I know that AAC will emerge stronger and as a leader in the recovery of tourism to Africa. Ecotourism is the fuel for an engine that not only keeps the wheels of conservation turning, but also brings much-needed economic stability to neighboring communities.


Clients on Safari – Holly Quinn | Wildlife – Mark Knott | Scenery – Michael Rhine 

    Wildlife-Babies – Chris Swindal  

People of Africa – Stephen Chernof   |   Birds – Darlene Knott

Portfolio of Photos – Mark Knott   |   Video – Dara Schopp

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Expedition Collection from Mark Nolting

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