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Singita Mara River Tented Camp – Mara River Tented Camp

September 2, 2013 East Africa Bush Tails


We can’t stop talking about the migration in this wildlife report, but it’s because the migrants are always here! After strong showings in July and August, the herds of wildebeest continued to impress throughout September.

River crossings were a daily occurrence and there were 35 crossings in the Mara River Tented Camp area, in the 30 days of the month.

What follows is a photo essay of the sights – I think you’ll agree the images speak for themselves.


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Cheetah habitat

Singita Lamai is home to a high population of cheetahs, relatively speaking for these endangered animals.

The vast grass plains are the perfect habitat for the fastest land mammals, which need large expanses of flat ground to build up their speed.

The most prominent cheetahs we see are a coalition of two males, another coalition of three males, and scattered single females.

The cheetahs of Singita Lamai definitely lead a good life as far as hunting their prey from abundant herds is concerned, as they benefit from the migration during three to four months of the year.

Guide Braya Masunga and guests had front row seats this month as these two brothers successfully brought down a wildebeest.

Cheetahs are much smaller than lions and leopards, so a wildebeest is a big feat. More than one cheetah is usually required to dispatch an adult wildebeest.




Who’s who?

We continue to get to know the lions of Mara River Tented Camp and our guides have estimated that there are about two or three prides in the area.
Cubs were also seen often, like the apprehensive ones hiding in the grass in this picture.
Sightings report
Lion: 25 sightings
Leopard: 4 sightings
Cheetah:  15 sightings
Elephant: 35 sightings
Rhino:  2 sightings
Buffalo:  5 sightings

Special Sightings:
Serval south of Chaka Kubwa. Serval close to Black Bridge.
Five wildebeest crossings of +10 000 individuals.
Breeding herd of elephants (50) crossing the river, right in front of the camp. Clan of eight hyenas on the northern side of Mara River.
Two ostriches with 11 chicks, north of the camp.