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Serengeti Migration update

January 20, 2014 East Africa Bush Tails
The Great Migration, when millions of wildebeest move across the vast plains and into the rolling hills of Serengeti National Park scrambling through mighty rivers to reach the Ndutu area. Many of our guests witnessed the great migration and returned with some stunning images. It is indeed great experience to see Africa’s big cats lurked in the tall grasses taking full advantage of migration and Cheetah chasing wildebeest and group of hyena hunting the calves.


Big number of wildebeests was observed at Ndutu plains and part of them are still enroute in the central part of Serengeti heading to the southern plains. This is the last herd of the weaker ones, the migration its more concentrated in Ngorongoro side because of the marshy areas where they get enough water compared to Serengeti.  We saw a bigger concentration of predators in the area as compared to dry season where they had less prey to hunt. A pride of lions often sighted at marshy area bringing down wildebeest and zebras. Chasers of the plain (Cheetah) are now well sighted in the area and some coalition groups were witnessed roaming on the plains searching for a prey.

Lastly an ‘invisible has become visible’ – Leopards. Chance of spotting Leopards are very has during the dry season but with the presence of migration now chances of sighting Leopards are ten times more.