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Savuti Camp – June 2013

June 10, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape
The Linyanti has been getting cooler as we edge further into winter and in particular the early morning starts have been really cold. The daytime temperatures have also been dropping a little with the experienced temperatures ranging be tween 16 – 32° C. We are sure that by next month winter will be here in full swing.

Game sightings have been really good this month. The trend of great wildlife sightings in camp has carried over from last month, as the same elephant bulls have b een sticking around the camp, often entertaining our guests during their afternoon siesta (the guests’ siesta, not the elephants’).

As many of the isolated waterholes have dried up, good concentrations of wildlife can now be found along the Savute Channel and perhaps this is why the elephant bulls have taken a liking to the camp area.

We have also enjoyed some great sightings of elephant breeding herds in front of camp – nothing beats watching a baby elephant follow its mother along, trying to mimic mother’ s every move.

Predator sightings have been pretty good and just about every guest returns from their game drives thrilled with their sightings. One of the predatory highlights for the month was the sighting of a leopard crossing a deep waterway.
General game sightings have been really good, as the vegetation has thinned out a lot and most of the wildlife can be found at the bigger water sources.

Birds and Birding
A small group of African openbills have settled into the area in front of Tent 2, returning to the same spot after feeding bouts. This was a delight for birders and even for our guests which were not focused on adding another tick to their birding life list. As mentioned above, many of the isolated water sources have started to dry up, effectively creating fish traps and attracting many water birds to the dinner table.