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Savuti Camp – January 2014

January 9, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape
The month of September has been a good one, despite the high temperatures. Our highest reading for the month was an impressive 48 degrees Celsius while the midday temperatures averaged between 25 and 41 degrees. Mornings and evenings have been fairly cool and comfortable however.

Our landscape still looks pale but for the patches of green Kalahari appleleaf woodland providing lovely shade for game during the day and foliage for some browsers.


Animal sightings have been really good in Savuti, with constant predator activities. Wild dog and leopard were often seen. One incident which stands out was seeing wild dog hunt and kill a pregnant female impala right under a sausage tree where two female leopards were having a territorial dispute! This sort of interaction is so rare to see, it was truly amazing!
We have also been very lucky with general game. We have seen lots of elephant swimming and crossing the Savute Channel which is always a favourite sight amongst guests, while buffalo and rare antelope like roan were also seen.
Birds & Birding
Birdlife has been great this month. The warm temperatures and humidity have stimulated a lot of insect activity thereby attracting and abundance of insect-eating birds. We have had great sightings of kori bustards, southern ground hornbills, secretarybirds, bee-eaters and many other special birds of this area.