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Safari Soiree – February 6th 2024

March 4, 2024 General

(L to R) Dereck Joubert, Alison Nolting, Beverly Joubert & Mark Nolting.

AAC’s 2024 Safari Soiree was a spectacular event!

A glorious evening in Fort Lauderdale, our amazing past and prospective clients were in attendance. The highlight of the event – guest speakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, award-winning filmmakers, at large National Geographic photographers and directors for the Great Plains portfolio of camps in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The Africa Adventure Company’s annual Safari Soiree is an evening marked equally by learning and celebration. It’s a reminder of what African eco-tourism has accomplished in thwarting the demise of Africa’s stunning wilderness and wildlife. This year was an honor to hear firsthand the efforts though the featured presentation of their history and journey of filming documentaries in Botswana and Kenya. And the important sharing on the conservation and community projects of the Great Plains Foundation.

The Jouberts certainly contributed to our evening of learning. Attendees were presented a bevy of opportunities to learn about the African safari experience through visual videos and pictures. They explained eco-tourism’s essential role in funding and coordinating anti-poaching and community sustainability initiatives, For attendees who have been on safari with AAC before, there was no shortage of information and inspiration at this AAC Safari Soiree!

Below are a selection of photos and a recap of this year’s event.

Safari Soiree: Before the Speech

Before the presentation, attendees, the Jouberts and AAC employees mingled during the cocktail hour.

(L) Bill Goza, Barbara Goza & Mark Nolting.

(L) Carrie Scott, Barbara McNulty & Sylvia Feil. (R) Peter Simon, Tony Gray & Jean Kung’u.

(R) Bernd Meier, Bonnie Miller, Elena Theodosiou, Bob Miller, Matt Piskur & Mary Ann Gosser.

(L) Elena Theodosiou with her clients Jason and Linda Ephraim. (R) Miles Nolting & Judy High.

(L) James Currie, Alison Nolting and Alicia Hendry. (R) Janet Carabelli.

The Broward Center for the Performing Arts proved to be an excellent venue for our nearly 300 attendees.

(L to R) AAC Staff: Violeta Ayala, Megan Gray, Rhonda Castello & Daniella Theodosiou.

Guests were welcomed by several smiling AAC employees and some appropriately African decor to remind them of the night’s theme! From there, attendees had the chance to mingle with AAC employees, our featured speakers, or other attendees. Many of the attendees had been on safari with AAC before!

(L) Ronny Mcdermott & Carol Lebischak. (R) Valerie Pitt & Mike Iseman

(L) John Belmonte, Lynn Martin, Vanessa Belmonte & Nicole Belmonte. (R) John Baric & Sandy Michel.

(L) Rob Rankin & Martha Kerr. (R) Dawn Elias, Glenn Douglas, Lisa Hafetz, Glenn Rice, Dan Hafetz & Jill Hafetz.

(L) Henry Tywang & Lenore Nolan-Ryan. (R) Colleen Fosnough & Megan O’Carroll.

(L) Larry Behar, Korinna Cardiff & Mark Nolting. (R) Cesar Perez & Astrid Palacio-Perez.

(L) Dawn Elias. (R) Bernard Peron, Arnie Steinberg & Gulshan Singh.

(L) Lisa Kissane. (R) Dereck Joubert, Beverly Joubert, James Currie & Sarah Boeckmann.

(L) Bob Miller & Bonnie Miller. (R) Wendy Hansberger.

Safari Soiree: Speech by Beverly and Dereck Joubert (World Class National Geographic Filmmakers and Great Plains Camps Conservationists)

Safari Soiree: Raffle and Winners

Alison and I would like to thank those who joined in the raffle for the evening, with the lucky winner receiving 6 nights in the Great Plains camps, and the runner up winning a signed photograph from Beverly Joubert. The fabulous news is that efforts raised $10k for the Foundation to help preserve their parts of Africa’s wilderness, wildlife and communities.

If you would like to donate to their organization, click link below:

Great Plains Conservation.

Please save the future date for our 40th anniversary Safari Soiree for February 26, 2026 – same venue and possibly our same spectacular speakers! We look forward to each safari soiree with great optimism!