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Ongava Tented Camp

June 10, 2014 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Climate and Landscape 
We have had thunderstorms in the last week with one of them recording 23 mm in about three hours. Although it has been warm during the day, in the evenings the temperature drops just enough for guests and staff alike to enjoy a good night’s rest.


The weather at Ongava Tented Camp has been hot and humid for the past week, with sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons, and scattered rainfall in the late afternoons and evenings. During a thunderstorm on the 24th of March we had the most rain (60 mm) this year – all in one day!

The rest of Ongava Game Reserve has had a couple of very wet days, while Etosha National Park has also had good rainfall in the past couple of weeks.

Sightings have been variable, in general dependent on the rain in the Reserve.

Elephant sightings in the Park were minimal, although sightings of rhino and lion both in Etosha National Park and on Ongava Reserve were good.

In Etosha, guests watched a big male lion observing a springbok in the distance, a herd of elephant on their way to an Etosha waterhole for mud-bathing and to drink, a python having some lunch, two giraffe fighting each other and another big male under a mopane tree.

We have not seen our regular pride of cats in camp in about two weeks although we have heard them roaring a lot lately, so we’re hoping to see some familiar faces shortly.

For a while now the Corn Flakes and All Bran Flakes have been going missing off the breakfast buffet. We have finally caught a glimpse of the culprit… Jimmy, the striped tree squirrel!

Camp Activities 
Due to the rain, we were restricted in doing meal set-ups in and around camp; however, guests truly enjoyed every special set-up we made including some sundowners and meals in the main area.

Friday the 21st of March was an important day for Namibia as our country celebrated 24 years of independence. We had candles set out in the main area and staff arrived in their traditional clothing in order to give guests some insight into our different cultures. Presentations were made by Bono and Adolf on the flag and Coat of Arms of Namibia as well as about Etosha, including showing guests the Born in Etosha DVD.

The dinner was made up of traditional food such as potjiekos (stew cooked over a fire in a three-legged pot), braaivleis (barbeque), pap (polenta), mielies (corn) and roosterbroodjies (fire-toasted sandwiches). The starters consisted of different types of finger snacks which were presented to the guests around the fire and at the table. Everyone enjoyed immensely and loved learning more about our beloved country.