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Odzala Update

May 20, 2013 East Africa Bush Tails

Wilderness Collection is excited to announce a $1.9 million renewed investment into Odzala Wilderness Camps in the Republic of Congo. The success of our debut operating season during 2012, combined with lessons l earned then as well as during the current off season, has resulted in a reinvestment program designed to improve the quality and environmental sustainability of our two camps, Lango and Ngaga. This additional capital investment will be undertaken in two phases which are outlined below.

Delayed opening for 2013 season
This reinvestment and associated construction will unfortunately result in a delayed opening date for the 2013 season, moving from the original intended date of 2 May 2013, to 25 July 2013. We regret the impact of this changed date on those guests travelling over May, June and July, but genuinely believe this to be in the best long term interests of both the region and our guests. Recognizing this however, we would like to offer all guests who were intending to travel over this period the following options:

– The ability to change dates of travel to any time in either our 2013 or 2014 operating season (subject to availability) and pay 25% less on accommodation and activities (flight costs r emain undiscounted).
– The ability to cancel the booking without incurring cancellation fees and receive a full refund. 
Camp refurbishment schedule 
Phase 1, February – July 2013:
– Insect proofing of the main areas of Lango and Ngaga Camps.
– Upgrading of waste water treatment from septic tanks and soak -aways to sophisticated above-ground water treatment plants in order to avoid any potential impact on a very high natural water table.
– Improvement and expansion of solar array to ensure adequate energy ge neration.
– Replacement of all paraffin geysers with more efficient and effective gas geysers.
– Improvement and enlargement of staff housing and facilities. 
Phase 2, November 2013:
– Construction of raised wooden walkways between rooms and main area at Ngaga Camp.
– Construction of comfortable raised viewing hides at various bais in our concession areas.
Congo Scenes – 1 November 2012