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Odzala Update

May 7, 2012 East Africa Bush Tails


The advent of the new Odzala Camps in Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) has created a high level of excitement both within Wilderness and across the world. The camps are coming along well and on schedule, and so far the wildlife seen in the area has been nothing short of astounding, promising incredible journeys for our guests into a whole new ecosystem – the African rainforest.

Camp Update
Watching Lango Camp on Lango Bai take shape has been very rewarding. The decking for the main area overlooking the bai from four metres up is complete, and one can already imagine brunches and lunches in the shade, while watching one of the Forest Buffalo herds or a dainty Sitatunga approach to drink at the bai, to say nothing of the whirring of wings and screeching that takes place each morning with the arrival of huge flocks of African Grey Parrots.


Ngaga Camp in the Ndzehi Forest began construction only more recently; a different site was discovered that had such stunning views over the hills, the team decided to use it instead. It offers more space, has better water in the small river below, is further away from the main road, and last but not least, the new site places guests closer to the core area where the three principal gorilla groups focus their activities. The team is working hard at getting up to speed here, but is sure that it will be well worth it when it is finished.

The past months have produced some sensational sightings, new discoveries and a fantastic diversity of species portraying many icons of central African forest wildlife. As primates are one of the main attractions at Odzala-Kokoua, it is thrilling that all but one of the eleven diurnal primates occurring in the national park have already been seen. Grey-cheeked Mangabey, De Brazza’s Monkey, Guereza Colobus and Putty-nosed Monkey are regularly sighted with Northern Talapoin, Agile Mangabey, Crowned Monkey and Moustached Monkey less often seen.
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The trail-cutting team also caught sight of a pair of Chimpanzees! An intense habituation process along the forest trails has been started – it is hoped that this will add to the success in finding and observing these species.
Equally exciting has been the first sightings ever of Giant Forest Hog in the southern region of Odzala-Kokoua, starting with legendary photographer Dana Allen returning from a pirogue trip with a photograph of an enormous sow on the banks of the Lekoli River.
The sightings of other species – Tree Pangolin, Water Chevrotain, Bongo and more – are numerous and each newsletter is filled with excitement as the managers and staff recount their tales.


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Odzala Online
Finally, a brand-new website has been developed and went live only days ago. Here, a real sense of the rainforest canopy as well as first glimpses of the camps as they take shape can be enjoyed here:



Wonderful imagery can also be found on the We are Wilderness blog:
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Surely the most exciting new project currently under way in Africa, the Wilderness Collection’s latest
undertaking promises to be a spectacular showcase for Odzala’s unique biodiversity and a leap
forward in ecotourism in the Republic of Congo.