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Mark and Alison in New York for National Geographic Movie”War Elephants”

March 1, 2012 East Africa Bush Tails


Mark and Alison in New York at Mozambique gathering
 A wonderful event held to view the new National Geographic “War Elephants”


“What a privilege to have been part of this truly lovely gathering in Manhattan, New York. The viewing of the new National Geographic Movie”War Elephants” hosted by Gorongosa National Park and Explore Gorongosa, deeply appreciated by over 70 people who attended to witness the story from Joyce & Bob Poole of an incredibly moving account of the struggle of these Elephants in Gorongosa. 
Thanks go to Mateus Mutemba, the Park Administrator; Mount Sinai and the medical students; and Greg Ries of Explore Gorongosa; and the many people who traveled to support from afar.