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MalaMala – It’s all about the wildlife

November 10, 2015 Southern Africa Bush Tails

A recap of October 2015


Getting to know the Gowrie males – A story by ranger Greg Baldwin

While I was expecting to see the morose bodies of two lionesses lying next to the carcass, I wasn’t surprised to see a male lion next to the carcass. Grabbing my binoculars I was stunned to be met by another four male lions fighting… Read more

Wild Dog extravaganza! – A story from our guest Douglas Croft



Watching puppies play never gets old! Many growing mouths to feed means that the adults in the pack need to hunt pretty much non-stop and our afternoon game drive was suddenly interrupted by a call… Read more

Kikilezi Female vs Bateleur – A story from ranger James Moodie


We all looped around to the other side of the thicket to see what had grabbed her attention and noticed a juvenile Bateleur in the grass. Without hesitation she ran at the eagle and pounced… Read more


VIDEO: Hyena vs leopard over a kill, who do you think won?


BLOG STORY: Interaction!


What the Treehouse male was unaware of at this stage, was that he was not the only big cat in the area on this overcast winters morning. The Marthly pride of lions were laying beneath a large brown ivory tree, 300 meters directly south of Main Camp, sound asleep. It was unbeknownst to him that he was beelining straight for seven lions… Read more

BLOG STORY: A day with the Marthly pride


As we approached we could see six lions lying down in the river with their collective gaze staring north towards a herd of kudus some three two hundred meters away. The seventh lion, the tailless lioness, had started flanking the kudu but the game was up when a series of barks from the kudus sounded the alarm… Read more