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Little Vumbura Camp – February 2013

February 4, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Happy New Year! A full house at Little Vumbura on Christmas Day enjoyed a festive fare accompanied by singing and dancing with the staff choir. Guests travelling during Christmas expressed their appreciation of the attention to detail of the menu, the decorations and the Christmas gifts which made it feel just ‘like home’.


Everything has sprung to life with over 150 mm of rain for December at Little Vumbura. Birds, bugs and frogs of all colours are in full chorus and enjoying the wet conditions. We have had pleasant daytime temperatures averaging around 29° C and although conditions have been a little damp underfoot it has not put a stop to Little Vumbura’s driving, boating and mokoro activities accompanied by amazing animal sightings. Some roads have turned into small rivers, making driving full of fun and excitement for the guests. The savannah grassland is becoming greener and taller by the day with a host of new life emerging. There have being magical sunrises and sunsets with spectacular cumulus clouds towering above Little Vumbura most afternoons, followed by amazing thunderstorms that have rumbled on th rough the night.
Our guests have been blown away by the huge variety of species, from small to large, seen out on activity including African wild dog, sable antelope, leopard, cheetah, lion, buffalo, elephant and of course our resident pods of hippo . One of our many honeymoon couples was very fortunate to get a brief glimpse of a sitatunga from the helicopter on their way to Little Vumbura from Mombo! Our guests have also equally enjoyed experiencing the smaller species including porcupine, fishing  piders, monitor lizards and an exquisite newly-hatched chameleon was spotted making its way up a tree in camp.

Some smaller species of fish have moved to the channels – which were once roads – and have attracted a number of bird species.

Game drives are a bird-lover’s delight with regular sightings of saddle -billed stork, wattled crane, rufous – bellied heron, squacco heron, hamerkop, little egret and a variety of sandpipers all vying for their share of fish in the shallows. Some of our guests have also enjoyed trying their hand at catch -and-release fishing and what better place than the Okavango Delta to do this in!

All the best for an inspiring year ahead! The Little Vumbura Team