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Little Makalolo – May 2013

May 7, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape
Hwange continues to live up to its reputation of unpredictable weather. A few mornings have been a bit chilly – we assume it’s a warning that winter might be a bit harsh. On the other hand, the afternoons have been also rather hot for this time of the year.

They call it “survival of the fittest” in the bush for a reason. Those plants with long roots to tap into the fast-depleting water table are still standing high and tall and green but the grass that has short roots has already wilted dry and have turned brown, save for the grasses around the waterholes.

“Wow… unbelievable!” This was a remark from one guest as he and the others got off a vehicle from their morning activity. March has been amazing as far as game viewing was concerned. On one morning game drive, just as the guests were driving out of camp, they came across a leopard taking a stroll just outside camp. They watched her for about 20 minutes and then she went into the bushes. From there they drove for a few kilometres and came across a cheetah on a termite mound. She posed for a few minutes and then took off. As if this was not enough, a pride of 14 lions was also seen on the same game drive.

Around camp the lions have been keeping us awake as they were visiting almost nightly and calling very loudly – this is the best bush sound at night. One evening as we were restocking our bar, we heard a sound from the pool, kind of like splashing and we shone our torches in the direction of the pool – to everyone’s amazement, there was a leopard drinking from our pool, just 10 metres away!


Some of the highlights for the month included sightings of African wild cat and a number of sightings of a cheetah mother with her three cubs. Side-striped jackal and roan were also seen.

Birds and Birding
This month the bird sightings were great, with a special sighting of an African crowned eagle, which is very uncommon for this area. We had a few sightings of raptors feasting on fr gs and insects. The Steppe eagles and lesser-spotted eagles have gone down in numbers and we suspect they have started their long flight back north.

Guest Comments
Friendly, courteous staff. Every detail was thought of. Wonderful food served with an eye for detail and the client experience. Our guide was knowledgeable and helpful and fun as well. I thank you Dickson!
Thank you all so much.
“The little notes left in the room are a great addition and makes you feel loved.”
“Great family atmosphere. The staff make you feel so at home. Great setting, great tents, keep up the good work. The quality of the staff and the service and especially the th ought that went into our last night meal, it was fantastic”