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Little Makalolo – March 2013

March 5, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails


Weather and Landscape
Compared to last month the rains have reduced a bit, although we still had a total of 201 mm for the month. The temperatures have been fairly low with the maximums ranging between 20 – 30° C and the minimum for the month being 17° C.

As we started the month off with decent rainfall, the landscape is looking incredibly green and lush – the wild flowers are blooming and all the natural waterholes are filled to the brim. The ecosystem looks really healthy and rejuvenated.

It seems that the extensive herds of elephant that we are used to have moved deep into the thick woodlands. It is great to see the elephants thriving and looking healthy once again, especially after watching them struggle over the drier months.

The rains and resultant vegetation explosion has caused many species of wildlife to give birth, in turn creating a feeding frenzy for a number of predatory species. We have enjoyed some great sightings of lion and cheetah with their respective cubs, and wild dogs wit h their pups. The predatory highlight for the month was the cheetah kill that happened very close to camp: a female cheetah brought down an impala and then her three cubs were called in to feast on the carcass.

Two elephant bulls that were in musth stuck around the camp area and caused a bit of excitement, as well as adding the unmistakable scent of musth to the air. Buffalo have also not disappointed this month – we enjoyed some great sightings of these bulk grazers.

Ngamo and Ngweshla were game viewin g hotspots this month as two young male lions have been concentrating their movements around these areas, reminding some of us of the legendary Ngamo Boys that used to frequent the area.

Birds and Birding
Birding has been amazing with lesser -spotted eagles dominating the sightings on the migrants’ side.

African and corncrakes have been sighted on Linkwasha Vlei.

Ngamo has been an area not to miss for birders as it has been so active – whiskered terns disp laying and courting, and lesser jacana and maccoa d uck being the highlights on the Ngamo floodplains.

Guest Comments
“The whiskey by the fire, the game drives especially the two leopards and the warm welcome and
discussions with nice staff at dinner were my highlights!”
“The variety and quantity of animals, birds and the friendliness and skills of the staff and guide. It was all magic and special. You are a credit to your country.”

Staff in Camp 

Managers: Charles Ndlovu, Cosam Milazi and Vimbai Mandaza . 
Guides: Dickson Dube, Brian Pangidzwa, Honest and Robert.