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Little Makalolo – June 2013

June 10, 2013 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Weather and Landscape
There is no more denying, winter is here. The lowest temperature recorded was a chilly 5° C – all the beanies, jackets and gloves have surfaced again. The afternoons have been warm and pleas ant with the evenings being cold like the mornings.

The good rains which we received in the wet season have left the natural water sources in good stead for the drying conditions. Some of the smaller waterholes have dried up, but there are still a number of larger ones which are holding good amounts of precious water. In terms of vegetation, most of the grass species have dried up and turned brown, but there are still a good number of trees which have held on to their foliage, slowly showing signs of the impending approach of winter.

April has been great in terms of animal sightings. The resident lion population is very healthy and stable as they have a number of new cubs on the scene which were seen on a few occasions this month.

Elephant sightings are getting really good as masses of these pachyderms have started pouring into the area in preparation for the dry months ahead. We have even seen elephants drink from the camp pool on occasion.


The predatory highlight for the month was the cheetah kill which was witnessed at Ngamo Plains. The speedy feline managed to bring down a young sable, which provided it with a very good meal. Most guests in camp had the opportunity to view this incredible wildlife spectacle.

As the herds of elephant arrive in the area, so too have the herds of buffalo which are very water – dependent. Other great sightings for the month included a leopard drinking from the camp pool as well as great sightings of roan and sable.

Birds and Birding
The Abdim’s storks are still around in good numbers which is quite unusual as they would have normally left for warmer climes by now. As we begin winter, so does the raptor breeding season begin, and this has been officiated by the sightings of a mating pair of tawny eagles as well as a mating pair of black-chested snake-eagles.

A Verreaux’s eagle-owl has taken up residence around camp, and was heard calling on most nights, adding to the bush ambience around camp.

Guest Comments
“Everything was to perfection, incredible customer service, and lovely atmosphere – keep up the good work!”
“You have a unique ability to respond to each traveller with a tailored experience. It is the warmth and competence of each staff member that makes Little Makalolo work so effectively.”