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Incredible Stories of 2015 – Wilderness Safaris

January 26, 2016 Southern Africa Bush Tails

Special Sightings and Creatures

2015 featured many highlights for us and some of these were shared on our blog. Because of this, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the stories that stood out for us, many chosen for their drama and the incredible photographs that accompanied them.

Each of the stories featured below are personal favourites, and by no means the general choice of the greater Wilderness team. There are a number of other stories that also deserve a spot on our list. We have only featured seven, a difficult task, considering how many wonderful safari tales we have.

Scroll on to see just a few of the incredible wild highlights of 2015


Wild dogs move across large areas of land and sightings are always unpredictable. When the pack returned to Seba Camp with 10 four-month old pups in tow the excitement levels between camp staff escalated. Tim was quick to get his camera and follow the pack, resulting in some incredible interactions.

Read more.


Two of Africa’s iconic animals come head to head with one another. This sequence captured by Mike Myers remains one of our favourites.

Read more.


Deon de Villiers was having a scenic game drive with his guests when they happened to encounter two African wild dogs in an explosive fight… His story was one of our most thrilling of 2015, showcasing what it takes to be the ‘top dog’.

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Every now and again something remarkable happens and sometimes we are lucky enough to be at the right place when it does. This is what happened to Busanga Bush Camp guide Sam Simunji-Simunji when he came across a leopard playing with two baby monkeys. “I doubt I will ever see such incredible behaviour again in my life.” Click here to read his exciting take on what he witnessed.


We were amazed to hear Deon’s story and to see his photographs of an elephant herd protecting their newest family member from an aggressive elephant bull.

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Leopards keep their cubs hidden away in den sites and in rocky crevices. The flick of a leopard’s tail and a soft chirping sound alerted Hailey and Tim to the hollow of a log where two tiny blue eyes stared right back at them. Read their story here.


A story that left us all shocked – read Tim Gaunt’s encounter with the hyaena hunter…

Written by Kate Collins, Wilderness Safaris