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Helping Wildlife in Africa

April 22, 2020 East Africa Bush Tails

Today is Earth Day, a day that commemorates environmental advocacy, education and volunteering. Such efforts have resulted in many conservation success stories throughout Africa’s wildlife areas.

But to many, they feel powerless to affect change in a world on lockdown. To make matters worse, many conservation and eco-tourism organizations are facing a major struggle: no tourists means no tourism-generated revenue to fund anti-poaching, both animal translocations and rehabilitation, and salaries for rangers, guides and staff.

However, there is hope. Many of these organizations are set up to receive online donations. So on this Earth Day, AAC asks you to consider donating to one of several laudable conservation and community organizations in Africa.

AAC would like to highlight these two organizations in particular:

Bushlife Conservancy:

Frankfurt Zoological Society:

Just consider: without incoming revenue, years of conservation work could be undone.

Click one of the following two links for a list of other conservation and community organizations:

Supporting Africa:

AAC Making A Difference:

We hope that you consider to travel there again because it is highly important that people return to as soon as possible.  The revenues and jobs that are at stake there make a huge difference to the conservation of the wonderful landscapes.