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Habari from Rekero & Naboisho: Reflections on the beauty of the Mara

January 6, 2014 East Africa Bush Tails
Sometimes it is easy for us all to take what we have for granted. Here in the bush we forget just how lucky we are to live and work in such a special place. At night we get to listen to the lions roaring and see the beautiful stars in a clear African sky. In the morning the birds wake us with their dawn chorus. On our way to ‘work’ there are no traffic jams and during the day we watch all sort of animal activity in and around the camp. The Mara is indeed the best office!

Like the previous December, this month brought us a lot of rain; serious amounts of rain. The rising river brought us enormous logs, dead wildebeest and hippo! The bountiful rains kept the wildebeest here for much longer than expected; we were still getting river crossings early in the month and the zebras continued crossing till almost the New Year. Needless to say the crocs and lions were extremely pleased with this development.

Ever since Olive was killed we have not really seen Saba or Bahati much… This has been really sad and we wondered if perhaps they were mourning their mother. A few days ago we were enjoying watching the busy weaver birds in the acacia tree in front of camp when movement on the opposite bank caught our eye; it was Bahati! She strolled around enjoying the evening sunshine and we were so happy to have her back. Rumour had it she was pregnant, but as yet no sign of any cubs…

Amani’s three are doing well and have kept our guides on their toes with many hunts and chases and near kills. They are still together, but I wonder for how long their sister will hang around with them; and what will they do without her as she is the hunt coordinator?! It has been a fantastic year for the Mara Cheetah Project and thanks to the generous donations of our guests the great work will continue. Asante Sana!

We were blissfully disconnected to the Christmas Frenzy in camp. On the day itself we were very lucky that it did not rain and enjoyed a relaxed celebration with guests singing Christmas carols around our little whistling thorn Christmas tree. The very important aspects of Christmas such as mince pies and mulled wine were not forgotten! Even the turkey made it to camp, crossing flooded rivers, braving the chance of hyena attacks on our deep freezer to eventually grace our table with its delicious presence.

Best wishes! 

– by: Clea, Conway, Mariana & the Rekero crew