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Give a gift this festive season!

January 7, 2013 East Africa Bush Tails


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(Abbos with his grandmother, Lydia)

With his beaming smile and sparkling eyes, Abbos looks a picture of health as he energetically plays with his grandmother, Lydia. But just 6 months ago, he was barely clinging to life.

Aged one, Abbos came to our hospital severely malnourished and suffering from malaria. He weighed only seven kilograms (15 pounds). After receiving treatment at BCH, Abbos is now not only healthy – he is a living testimony to how your continued suppo rt makes a huge impact. Abbos’ experience mirrors that of many children we see in our children’s ward and outpatient wards. It is only with the continuing support of friends and supporters like you that we were able to save Abbos’ life. For this reason, we ask you once again to join us this holiday season to save life of a child in Uganda.



How you can help:
You can direct your support to our child health program or any other program in the hospital that you find
compelling. Different program areas include HIV/AIDS and TB, Community Health and Batwa, Surgery, Dentistry and Maternal health. There is perhaps nothing money can buy that makes a greater impact per dollar than healthcare in Uganda.
Child Health
Malaria still claims lives of many children especially when not treated promptly. The same is true for other conditions as diarrhea and acute respiratory infections. All -cause deaths on children’s ward have halved to 2% over the last two years probably due prompt treatments and malaria prevention campaign. We thank you for joining the cause as we aim higher.

$6 buys a mosquito net used to prevent malaria
$30 covers admission costs for a day for a child on children’s ward
$169 covers costs for nursing a malnourished child to full recovery

Our target is ‘zero’ HIV transmission from mothers to newborn babies. Our recent audit indicates that
1.3% of the babies in our care still get HIV infection from their mothers.
$353 is enough to maintain a midwife for a month helping HIV infected mothers to have HIV free babies.

Maternal Health
Maternal health care remains a challenge with no progress made to reduce maternal death during the last five years. In fact the 2011 demographic health survey indicated an increase in maternal deaths from 435 to 438 per 100 000 live births. In our region, 62% deliver their babies without a skilled attendant and yet 15 in 100 deliveries end up in complications.

At Bwindi Community Hospital, we aim at making a difference: pregnancy and child birth should be a fulfilling and joyful experience.

$25 = Family planning and prenatal health outreach education for a remote village
$75 = A two-week stay for five women at the Waiting Mothers Hostel
$187= An emergency cesarean section and post -surgical care for one woman
$111= A hospital delivery with four pre -natal visits and post -natal care for one woman