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“Galloping Gnu” sightings from Tanzania Guides – April 2013

April 1, 2013 East Africa Bush Tails

Seif was with the Dehoney Party, spending time in Arusha National Park for a full day g ame drive with picnic lunches. A couple of kilometers from the gate, they came across the infamous black and white Colobus Monkeys. They were very close to the road and were not shy at all. A family together with young ones and adults all in playful mode. Stunning view of the Ngurdoto Crater rim and they got to see the beauty of the crater. Later they drove to Momella Lakes and got to see Giraffes en route, stopping for their picnic on one the Lake shores . This was beautiful moment with nice view and lovely breeze from the Lake. After lunch driving next to Lake they saw beautiful pink Flamingos lined up close to the Lake shore. With nice weather they took the opportunity to stretch their legs and took a short hike!


The Crater lived up to expectations as they left for the crater early morning with picnic breakf ast and picnic lunches. It was still dark even though it was at 0600 hours. Driving thru the crater rim with headlights, Buffaloes welcomed them in the crater. We were lucky to sight a pride of lions relaxing together along Munge River. We later noticed they had killed a Buffalo last night and left the remaining on the other side of the river and Hyenas, Jackals and couple of vultures were at the task. One Hyena nearly had a bad day when one of lions from the pride decided it was hungry and began chasing the Hyena away. The Hyena was quick and managed the getaway. They also spotted Rhinos and later Hippos at Ngoitoktok picnic site. Having our lunches at Lerai Forest picnic site with a few cars and watching the Elephants in the distance.

In Afternoon we visited a Maasai village. A fabulous experience Mrs. Les ley De Honey really enjoyed herself as she participated along with the other Masai in the dance while Barry capturing the moment on video, surely a trip highlight!

As we approached the Serengeti Explorer camp we started to see part of the great migration (Wildebeests and Zebras) from a distance. We drove closer and closer and stopped to see the mighty herds scattered across Ndutu plains. We decided to have lunch at the camp and relax thereafter , before going out for an afternoon game drive. Our Game drive was thrilling and w e saw lots of game, the magical moments of seeing the mighty herds in Ndutu plains was breath taking.

We came across to the single female lion feeding on wildebeest ba by. I noticed that the Wildebeests had started calving. There were quite a few new born among the big herds. We got back to Serengeti Explorer camp in the evening and after the guests freshened up, we sat around the camp fire, had an evening talk with drinks and snacks, reminiscing on the day’s adventure.

It was our last day on safari. We left early and explored the Ngorongoro plains and Lake Masek area. We spotted Cheetahs up close. They were playing chasing each other, going up on small trees etc. I t was very interesting to see a mother and 3 sub -adult cheetahs.

Around 1100 hours, we came across a Leopard feeding on a migrant stork (White Stork) on the branch on big acacia tree. We drove carefully up close and managed to position the vehicle to en able us to take good pictures this was truly a special sighting and we were very lucky to have spotted the Leopard in the moment. To top it all off the Migration was all around us and we saw herds of Wildebeest all around. It was great day.
Mkenda was with the Mieczkwowski couple and they had a super trip! The six days was a thrilling experience and each day had a special sighting and incredible moments to cherish for a lifetime. The most thrilling and top highlights were observing a pride of 11 lions in Lake Manyara Park and in the Serengeti at the Sayari Camp to spot the big five. .

A full day’s game drive in Tarangire National Park after walking in the morning, we enjoyed birding and the highlight was seeing elephant wallowing and a mock charge by a big male. This created the opportunity to talk at length on Elephant behaviour.


Lake Manyara was thrilling experience full of special sightings. As we began the day early with a morning game drive in the Manyara, we were lucky to spot 11 lions hunting. We also spotted many monkeys, Baboons and elephants.
The following day we continued to discover Lake Manyara Park and spotted hippopotamus and rare spotting of the hyena in Lake Manyara. We then drove to the Southern end of the park, less utilized zone where we saw awesome sightings. We enjoyed the baboon’s interactions as Manyara Park is infamously known for home of a huge number of baboons, where one troop can have a s many as 200 baboons.

En route to Serengeti Explorer Camp for lunch, after lunch we saw a cheetah with 4 cubs they tried to hunt but with little luck. During the night at Camp, we spent time star gazing and saw the Southern Cross, Scorpio and great dipper. Hearing the sounds of the African Savannah and the cry of the hyena in the background. The following morning we left very early and spotted a rare sighting the stripped Hyena.

As we continued our game drive we saw the same cheetah we spotted yesterday hunting in the morning where two brother cheetahs had a full stomach. Our cheetah spotting’s continued as we spotted another cheetah with three cubs who tried to hunt twice with spectacular runs, but failed both attempts.

The next day we left early, in h ope to catch some action and an early morning kill. We followed three cheetahs as they crouched and tried to hunt but again they were unlucky and did not manage . We were in the middle of the great wildebeest migration with the herds surrounding us. We managed to spot a very unique moment as a mother wildebeest gave birth; the calf was up on its own feet in no time. That was truly a very unique moment to have witnessed a true bonus we did not expect. Later during the day we also spotted a pride of 11 lions.

As we departed towards central Serengeti – Seronera we spotted a leopard with two tiny cubs on a tree. This was great entertainment observing the two cubs on a tree playing. While the mother on another tree just dragged in a kill. The mother then came and called her cubs, the cubs hearing the mother cry and call climbed down and along with the mother leopard climbed up the other tree where the cubs started eating, while the Mother Leopard recovered and kept watch . In the mist of the action and all the eating we also began to feel hungry and decided to have our packed lunch right there whilst observing the leopards. After finishing our lunch we saw male lion nearby as approached cautiously with our vehicle we found the male lion with two cubs on a tree and the whole family together near water hole . This was an awesome sighting and very special. After spending time with the pride of lions we then decided to continue our journey north towards Sayari. Looking above us the clouds began to build and it started raining! We continued driving in until we reached Sayari camp.
A truly unique day as we finished our safar i in a special way we started early at 0600hrs with picnic breakfast and lunch. We continued to explore the northern territories of the Serengeti . After a long drive without spotting much we spotted a huge large male lion, as we continued to drive we found a very unusual and very unique spotting in the Serengeti! A rhino! We couldn’t believe our eyes, as we i nched closely and carefully not to scare away the Rhino. A stunning and tranquil moment! Our luck continued to grow as we spotted a leopard. This really was the icing on the cake and made the safari to be very special and unique one with incredible sights. The clients shared their game viewing experience at the Camp and others commented they were extremely lucky to have seen such unique sightings including the Camp Staff.
Jadim was with the Tham’s Party and had an interesting experience at the Iraqwi culture visit. They had a chance to wear the leather skirt and clothing made by the iraqwi people.

Game drives in Tarangire were nice, they managed to spot and find resident gam e and then came across some action as a Solitary old Bull Elephant was weary of his surroundings and gave them a warning and charge trumpeting towards them. With enough warning and knowing Elephant Behavior, we managed to keep a safe distance and move away swiftly. After the action, later during the day we came across two lionesses that seemed to very famished, we observed their hungry looks and could easily tell from the skinny build and rib cage showing. They seemed to be interested in hunting at silalei i swamp and we watched and observed for a while but they did not manage to catch anything.

We decided to explore the Ngorongoro crater and left at the crack of dawn with breakfast hampers and drive back to the lodge for late lunch. We had an amazing game viewing experiencing. So amazing we were greeted by a large pride lions, we managed to spot a total of six black rhino, and managed to spot great game with the abundance of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles.

The Serengeti lived up to its game viewing expec tation. We found ourselves totally surrounded by wildebeest and zebra. Breathe taking experience with endless black, grey colours covering the Serengeti savannahs from the mix of wildebeest and zebra . Later during the day we spotted five cheetah, a mother and four cubs that seemed young and looked about five month old.

Jadim was with the Jacoby Party, a great day’s adventure with a picnic hamper exploring the Southern Serengeti plains. They had amazing day’s game viewing, “we left in search for spotted cats (Leopard and cheetah) and we came across huge herd of wildebeest and zebra, spotted eight lions on the tree. See picture below of lions on the sausage tree!”
Another thrilling day of game viewing in Serengeti ! They spotted a cheetah and her cub, herd’s buffalos, the great migration and even witnessing a wildebeest giving bi rth. “We were able to see mother cheetah and the cub had just killed the baby wildebeest. “ During their afternoon game drive they spotted a pride of 23 lions on the rock.
Hilary was with the Lamb Mayyann Party and the Serengeti National Park was their top highlight from all the parks they visited. Staying at the Serengeti Explorer camp they encountered several interesting game and unique moments which turned to be trip highlights. The most fascinating was the great migration which had spread itself along the border of Ngorongoro Ndutu plains and the Southern Serengeti plains towards the Kusini area. Seeing the young Wildebeest having born only a few weeks earlier the clients really enjoyed seeing many young ones and calves, especially when young wildebeest walked in a single file following their mothers and others in the herd as they marched on for green pastures. It was breath taking moment and created long lasting memories .

The other highlight was the sheer number of big cats we spotted particularly Lions and Cheetahs . Also managed to spot three Leopards in Seronera area but were quite far away. The sight of the Leopard however topped our highlights as it was the most wanted cat by the clients. We were truly lucky to see such an abundance of wildlife and so many cats.