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Field Sightings from Tanzania – July 2013

July 1, 2013 East Africa Bush Tails

Mkenda was with Canfield Party and reported a great safari experience which exceeded all their expectations.  The Canfield’s have visited earlier in Nov 2009 and in Sept 2011 and this was their third visit and we managed to come across some incredible sightings.

Highlights from our great sightings include spotting two lion kills, crossing of the migration and a rhino in the Serengeti!! A Rhino spotting in the Serengeti is a very rare sighting. They truly enjoyed their experience in the northern Serengeti and close to the Mara River.We began our safari adventure from Kogatende Airstrip as we began our game drive en route to Olakira camp, where we saw massive number of wildebeests. Then after lunch we drove far away from the river crossing and we were lucky to witness a spectacular event unfold in front of our eyes. What a crossing! It lasted for one hour and a half as we watched the wildebeest making their journey across the river.


The next morning we left early at six we saw a pride of 18 lions and then they started hunting and they caught a wildebeest. We watched on as the entire the pride came and started feasting. What an incredible sight unfolding right in front of us and this turned into the highlight of the day.

The next day we explored the Northern Serengeti close to the Kenya border where we saw a pride of five of which there were a big male two females and two tine cubs.

Our last day exploring the Mara area was great! We saw another kill where we left at six in the morning and came across two female lions and two very young cubs, we waited patiently as they started hunting and eventually one caught a wildebeest right in front of our vehicle. We watched as the lioness suffocated the wildebeest and called for her cubs.

After Great adventure in the Northern Serengeti and Mara area we headed more central and to Four Season Serengeti lodge.   We left at six with a packed breakfast and lunch for en route game drive and on the way we saw herds of Wildebeest. Further on we spotted mating lions, which was a great sight. We then spotted a rhino right in the middle of nowhere that was awesome as we drove very close and we were the only ones!  Later on we spotted a pride of 15 lions. This turned into a special drive as we drove to the Lodge.  The next we managed to explore the central Serengeti and spotted three cheetahs and three leopard both of which were very close.
Leaving the majestic Serengeti National park behind, reminiscing from our incredible sightings we drove to Kitela Lodge in Karatu where we spent time visiting a local market and interacting with local people.
Jabshir was with the Hughes Party and reported, after successful landing and welcome to Serengeti via Seronera Airstrip, We enjoyed en route game drive towards Serengeti Explorer Camp.

We spent three nights in the Serengeti where they managed to see some great sightings. Highlights include lions, two leopards with a kill in a tree, also many Elephants which was near to the Serengeti Explorer Camp.  They managed to see large herds of zebras and few wildebeest.

After three nights in the Serengeti we headed out of SerengetiNational Park and stopped at Olduvai and after an educational visit we continued our journey to LakeEyasi at Kisima Ngeda for overnight.

The following day was quite an adventurous day as we went hunting with the hadzabe which was an interesting experience.

We were very lucky because they managed to kill three baboons. We enjoyed the experience and learning more about the Hadzabe. We even learnt how the Hadzabe make fire!

The following day we went Exploreans lodge for two nights. We enjoyed our crater tour as we had some great sightings; we saw more lions also spotted a serval cat on the road and was right next to our Vehicle.

We ended our safari in Tarangire; we enjoyed our time at Tarangire safari lodge. Our game drive in TarangireNational park was nice and we saw more Elephants also Zebras and a lot of wildebeests.
Jabshir was with the Dickerson party and reported
After a long haul flight arriving into Tanzania a night spent at Shangazi house was ideal to recover from the jet leg. The following day after breakfast we started our safari journey by visiting Seela Primary school in Tengeru then we went to Ndarakwai for lunch followed by nature walk in the afternoon, which was much enjoyed.


We headed to TarangireNational Park and stopped at Tarangire Safari lodge for lunch and spent the Afternoon game viewing in the Park and spotted Elephants and resident Zebra, wildebeest and other herbivores as we drove towards Oliver’s Camp for our overnight stop.

The following day we were very lucky to spot three cheetahs and also managed to spot the shy five kudus. The day got better as we spotted two big male lions with a kill! We were treated to many elephants and enjoyed a successful day of game viewing.

We left Tarangire and headed towards Ngorongoro stopping at Manyara Serena for lunch, overlooking the lake and views of the rift valley. We headed for an afternoon game drive and spotted hippos and blue monkeys. We then went continued our drive arriving at the wonderful Ngorongoro Manor for our overnight stop.

The following day we headed out earlier and descended into the crater and explored the crater floor. We were quickly treated to some special sightings two rhinos up close; we spotted many lions and hyenas and also a lot of flamingoes in LakeMagadi.

The Serengeti Plains lived up to their great expectations. We managed to come across some great sightings which added to our great trip. Highlights included three leopards, Many lions (we lost count), three cheetahs who stalked and killed a gazelle as we watched the action unfolding. We were also very lucky to see the great MaraRiver crossing where we spent more than one hour.

We had an over whelming safari experience and were truly lucky to be treated to some great sightings.
George Mollel was with the Schnieder Family and reported,
We left the coffee lodge and headed to Tarangire for our game drive passing through the Masai land where Masai were leading their cattle’s to their grazing fields and we saw women going thru the daily activities of fetching water. As we entered Tarangire NP we started seeing game and spotted Vervet monkeys, Zebras, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Waterbucks, Impalas before stopping at the Tarangire Safari lodge for lunch. After lunch we continued game viewing and saw more Elephants around the river drinking water, Baboons, Giant eagle owl and our first big cat, a female Lion. Having had a great day’s game viewing we headed to our lodge.

The following day we continued exploring Tarangire NP and saw more Elephants, diks diks, Jackals, and a pride of Lions and more birds and got to Olivers Camp for lunch. In the afternoon we headed out looking for the illusive Leopard but instead we spotted Monitor lizard on top of the trees and were treated to large herds of Elephants bathing at the Silalei swamp. We headed back to Olivers Camp.  Schneider Family had the chance to see some nocturnal animals as they headed out for a night drive.

Our Journey was taking us to Manyara and we decided to depart with packed lunches with an en route game drive thru Tarangire NP.  The Family had heard back at Camp that they were Lion tracks around the Camp area and heard Lion roar during the night. We decided to keep a look out and were rewarded with a big male Lion walking on the road. We continued to follow him and we saw the females as well.

We continued game viewing and came across two Cheetah Brothers.  We continued our journey from Tarangire to Manyara.  In Manyara NP we saw lots of Baboons, Blue monkey, Elephants but the day turned to be a day of the big cats since we managed to see the Leopard which was a very lucky sighting! The family were over the top and expressed their joy. We left ManyaraPark and headed to the Ngorongoro Manor for the night.

This was one of the days the guests were looking forward to, as we left the Manor early and by seven we were in the crater floor. We were lucky and spotted Lions, Hyenas, Jackals, Buffaloes, and huge male Elephants with large tusk and stopped for our breakfast in the Crater floor. After we proceeded with our game viewing and the sighting of the day two Rhinos a few meters from the road we managed also to see several cats which was a great sighting. We spotted, Hippos, Kori bustard before Heading to Ngorongoro Sopa lodge for late lunch. After Lunch we visited a Masai village which was a great cultural experience for the Family as they learnt more about the Masai and their lifestyles.

– by: Mkenda, Jabshir, & George Mollel