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November 2, 2020 Galloping Gnus Newsletter

Dear Friends:
Despite the worldwide disruption to travel, life goes on in Africa’s wilderness. The Great Migration’s wildebeest and zebra herds are still frantically crossing the rivers of the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara. The lions of the Okavango Delta still rest in the shade during the mid-day heat before the pride’s next hunt when the sun sets. And the elephants of Mana Pools still reach up with their trunks for tree branches while acrobatically balancing on their hind legs. 

The African bush’s enduring timelessness is a rare comfort in a tough year for people in the African tourism industry. Now that more and more countries have reopened their borders, there is a new glimmer of hope for the lodge staff and guides that have been left without income. Despite this, many of them still come to work, motivated by their collective purpose to preserve Africa’s precious ecosystems. Our Making a Difference Fund, I am proud to say, has helped these people over the last several months.

But for these lives’ to be returned right-side-up, it is passionate safariers like yourselves who need to return. We know that some of you are not comfortable with traveling abroad at the moment, but for those who are, AAC, and Africa welcomes you with open arms! As social distancing becomes the new norm, the wide open spaces, fresh air and exclusivity offered by the safari experience is more appealing than ever. The lodges and camps in Africa have implemented strict Standard Operating Procedures, to ensure that the safari experience remains as enchanting as it’s always been, while also being safe. Our blog series Stay Longer, Stay Remoter offer several tantalizing prospects.

Safariers’ confidence in returning to Africa has grown, reflected by the fact that availability in camps and lodges is swiftly filling up for 2021 and 2022 as well. We have even had some intrepid travelers on safari in Kenya and Tanzania during the last few months. I advise you to read their Trip Reports to learn more about what the safari experience is currently like.

Our latest newsletter features many potential sources of inspiration for your next safari. First, we have curated a list of our Top 21 Intriguing Lodges and Camps for 2021. If you’re considering celebrating your honeymoon or anniversary in Africa, look no further than our Top 10 Romantic Places list.

For travelers looking for remote and compelling safari destinations, my Expedition Collectionhighlights the need to retain the low-volume, sustainable tourism model that is more urgent than ever. These safaris do just that, ensuring that revenue flows directly into conservation and community projects.

All of us at AAC want you to know: Africa is waiting for you to return! For those who seek to answer the call, I assure you, that you’ll have the time of your life!

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