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Elena and Szilvia in Botswana

October 23, 2017 According to AAC's Consultants

Hello from Bots!

Elena and Szilvia in Botswana – Day 01+02

Both Elena and Szilvia have embarked on their adventures to Botswana. First off was a private mobile safari in the Khwai Concession, and here we share a few wildlife sightings from the area.

Elena and Szilvia in Botswana – Day 03-05

Trip is great so far, Dumatau was fantastic. Sightings included elephants, lions, and leopard for a few hours this morning. It is very hot, but game is great!

Few pics here from Duma, Mocks was our guide.

Now at Duba Plains with multiple rhino sightings (one with the new baby in the grass, cute little ears hiding), multiple great lion sightings.  The lions fed on a buffalo kill. Very nice area which is worth the drive across the bridge!!!!

Elena and Szilvia in Botswana – Day 06-08

There has not been an update for several days from the ladies which means no wi-fi and just real time wildlife sightings and bush tv!

Below we feature the wonderful 6 camps – from vintage to premier – that they have visited on the trip.

Elena and Szilvia in Botswana – Day 09+10

What an adventure! We are now at Chitabe Camp on the periphery of the Moremi Reserve. Already one leopard and hyenas yesterday. We love this camp, welcoming warm staff and everything is just right! Thompson is a great manager.

We also visited Shinde and Little Kwara which are great options for the price point, nice size rooms, great atmosphere, staff AND we saw cheetah, leopard and lion at EACH camp on the one night stay. They are cat lover’s paradise (even cerval and genet), and a leopard with a 2 month old cub at Little Kwara.

The trip has been a wonderful success (photographically one of the very best for us!).

Great sightings continue: large elephant herds going to the river with baby ellies, hippos, lion pride with older cubs. And our final tick on our wish list, the dogs. Pack of 30 sighting to end our adventure in Bots.